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Walking Away...

The other day I posted this on my personal IG account:



Just walking away from what does not serve her.

You should try it every so often. Take stock and just let it go.

You’ll be surprised at how far you can soar.

She did not come to play.

She remembered her flow.

She remembered that she IS the mf table.

She also remembered that not everyone is qualified to eat at said table.

She did not come to play with you. She’s thriving and shining on a whole other level.

Catch a glimpse … if you only knew 🖤☯️🖤

She didn’t just understand the assignment…



Far too long we stay in mental and physical places that we have no business staying in. Some by choice and others because we’re not fully aware of where we are (yes, that is a thing). But I’m here to share with you and help you become aware of your own environment inside and outside. Your mental wellness is extremely important.

Are you where you want to be?

Are you ready to graduate to your next level?

That next level may just be getting on the other side of your mental blocks and negative inner self talk. It may not immediately be getting to the next level in your career and that’s ok.

Here’s the thing… you can’t even approach the next level until you recognize where you are internally. Become aware of it. Acknowledge it. Take action to work on it. Move with it.

My post was/is about me becoming aware of where I was internally. Last year’s grind brought me to this year’s ease and re-evaluation in all areas of my life. I almost (ALMOST) forgot who I was. The universe gave me a jolt this past week to remind me. And I’m so grateful that she did.

She reminded me that my reputation has always been that of someone who gets things done, makes sh!t happen, and goes for it. Hence, the High Achiever moniker. I had to refine what that looks like for me and where I am in my life today and where I’m headed.

I was on a call with a banker this week and she asked me, what’s your title? I said owner. She said no… what’s your title. I need to put in a title for you. It rolled off my tongue when I realized the question… “CEO”. Perfect, she says. At that moment, I realized that owner is what I became but CEO is my function, my role. And not just in my new business venture but in my LIFE. I always have been. I am.

I am that person that takes the bull by the horns and goes! Always.

I make spiked lemonade out of lemons.

So, I ask you…. What’s your title?


Les Brown said:

Some folks either:

1- watch things happen

2- make things happen

3- wonder what happen

Which one are you?


Kyle Cease gives an analogy: (I’m paraphrasing)

You can listen all day to the trainer talk about the benefits of health and working out. But until you get on the treadmill yourself, you will never see or feel the actual benefits for yourself.

Are you listening to everything and hoping to see changes in your life without actually taking proper actions?


To take your first step to making things happen, see, and feel the benefits for yourself, request your strategy call with me with this LINK HERE.


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