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Developing Leaders Accelerator Program

Embark on an empowering accelerated journey of professional growth.

unleash your leadership potential in just 4 weeks

This 4-week program is crafted to empower you with the skills, strategies, and insights necessary to excel in today's dynamic professional landscape.


Whether you're an emerging leader or an established professional, this course is designed to propel you towards leadership excellence.


It's perfect for those who seek to:


  • Step into a leadership role with confidence.

  • Enhance their professional impact and influence.

  • Develop a strong, authentic professional brand.

  • Strategically navigate their career trajectory.

Why Choose Developing Leaders Accelerator?

  • Expert-Led Content: Learn from the best in the field through high-quality video lessons and comprehensive action oriented exercises.

  • Flexible Learning: Access the course anytime, anywhere, and learn at your own pace.

  • Practical Application: Engage with real-world scenarios and practical exercises to reinforce learning.

  • Community and Support: Join a growing community of like-minded professionals and gain access to collective learning.

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What's included


Comprehensive Video Trainings

Engage with expert-led video trainings in each module, unveiling the secrets of impactful leadership and career growth.


Interactive Workbooks

Elevate your learning with thoughtfully crafted workbooks designed to reinforce concepts, providing practical exercises to immediately apply your newfound skills.


Weekly Learning Reinforcements

Dive into midweek learning reinforcements, an interactive guide that transforms theoretical knowledge into actionable strategies, ensuring retention and application.


Transformative Insights

Gain transformative insights that go beyond ordinary leadership development, setting you apart as an influential and sought-after leader in your field.


Strategic Planning for Success

In the final week, learn to bring it all together with a comprehensive strategic plan, aligning your enhanced influence, branding, and leadership skills for accelerated career growth.

Weekly Agenda

Influence & Impact

Developing Leaders Workbook1.png

Discover the art of magnifying your professional influence to create significant impacts on your career trajectory.


Learn to cultivate a network of supporters and enhance your visibility in influential circles.

Enroll Now and Start Your Journey to Leadership Excellence!


Unlock your potential and take charge of your professional future with the Developing Leaders Accelerator.


Enroll now and transform your career in just four weeks!


...Working harder and being the first one in and the last one out of the office (even virtually), is going to get you noticed and respected enough to land coveted roles.  




No matter how much ‘doing’ you ‘do’, you’ll never be seen as a true leader if you don’t master KEY STRATEGIES to be seen as a trusted strategic thinker and leader, not worker.  You must be seen as a strategic thinker and person with solutions to get to the nezxt level and land those coveted roles.


(DISCLAIMER: There's nothing wrong with being a worker - we all have our roles. But my best guess is that you're here, on this site, contemplating working with me as your career coach because you NO LONGER want to be seen as a 'worker'. You're ready for more.)

You've worked hard ...

... to become the subject matter expert. You’ve worked hard to become the go to person in the office. You’ve worked hard to build a career and reputation that precedes you. But now you’re at a crossroads wondering why all that you’ve done is not getting you to higher level leadership positions. You may have even gone back to school for an advanced graduate degree or more certifications. That still hasn't helped move your career in the direction you now want it to go.

Here’s why…

You’re a ‘DOER’. You’re not seen as a STRATEGIST. You’re too much into the details to know how to truly communicate and capture the attention of those already in a leadership position… i.e. the CxOs, AVPs, VPs, etc. or those who are influencers in the areas you want to be.

Once you want the next level, you have to begin to think and strategize at the level you’re seeking, NOW.

You have to become it. NOW... even if you're not there.

Our clients work for companies such as:

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