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Calling it Quits: When to Quit and Move On

I usually do not tell my good girlfriends to quit or walk away. Actually, I never discuss quitting. HOWEVER, when it comes to your career, I'm asking you to quit.

Quit making excuses.

Quit taking the leftovers that no one wants.

Quit taking sh!t from your boss.

Quit taking sh!t from your coworkers.

Quit taking sh!t from your negative inner self talk.

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We are quickly approaching a new year. I have so much hope for 2021 because 2020 was all about perspective and lessons. HAAAAAAAAAAAARD life lessons that you probably wish you didn't have to learn. But you did. Or have you?

Here's the deal... 2021 is fast approaching and I want you to look at where you are. Sit with it a minute. Are you self sabotaging? Are you just putting up with things because you feel you have no other choice? Are you just living by default and taking what's given?

Are you going to be here next year doing the same things that have you feeling stuck and unhappy?

Here's a quick exercise I want you to do:

Go get a pen and paper. NOT YOUR PHONE, but an actual pen and paper.

  1. On the left side of the page, write down everything good that you are feeling or want to feel going forward. (i.e. happy, joy, peace, fulfillment, satisfaction, love, etc.)

  2. On the right side of the page, write down everything you are involved in or doing. (i.e. work meetings, class on leadership skills, cooking, listening to music, volunteering at a local non profit, kids school project, volunteering at kid’s school, working on your side business, yard work, etc.)

  3. Draw a line from each of the feel good things on the left to the things you're currently doing or are involved in on the right (professionally and personally). You may have multiple lines from one feeling to an activity - that's totally ok.

  • You don't have to have equal items on the left or the right - just get something down on paper.

This is a great quick visual of where you are right now. Are you involved in activities that make you feel good? Are more than half of your activities pointing to a good feeling?

Be honest with yourself here. Do you see an issue? Are you involved in activities that don't spark joy and happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction? If not, what can you do to change that? Are you fighting me in your head right now, saying “but you don’t understand, I HAVE to do these things whether they make me happy or not.” I’m not going to argue for your limitations and neither should you.

The things that you do that spark joy or are pleasing, continue to do those things. The activities that you participate in that you dread or are draining your energy, re-evaluate them, delegate them, and date I say, if one of those activities is your daily job in your career, you know what I’m going to say... “How much longer are you going to deprive yourself of satisfaction?” You can be satisfied and at peace doing what you love at a job you love in a career you love. It is very doable. You’ve just not given it a chance and you’ve not trusted yourself enough to know that those opportunities are out there for you. (Yes, even in a pandemic, my professional women are succeeding and finding new opportunities.)

2021 is fast approaching. How many lines will you draw from your happy place to your current activities?

Can you relate? ...

  • I want life changing career growth

  • I want clear guidance to help get out of my own way in your professional life

  • I want to feel more confident in what I have to offer

  • I want to identify what areas I need to focus on improving, in order to get to the next level in my career

  • I want to operate from a place of abundance, not fear of settling or being stuck

  • I want to have a focused plan

  • I want to identify the things that are holding me back and get to the root of my career troubles

  • I want to rebuild my confidence and focus solely on the next step of my career without feeling guilty

  • I am unbelievably stuck and in the back of my mind have known that I've needed a coach but didn’t know where to look

  • I have been taking little steps towards growth and still feel like I'm getting nowhere

  • I need a change, a drastic one; a shift

  • I know that I need guidance along the way to help discover my own path so I can show up as my best self instead of merely trying to get through each day and dreading the next

So call it quits!

Don't take all of this heavy luggage with you into 2021.

Take a plan into 2021.

Make a plan for 2021.

Let me help you quit & shift patterns of behavior that keep you stuck and just getting by in the same place, same job, same career, same unhealthy professional relationships.

Let me help you QUIT... QUIT the same pattern of behavior!

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