• Jackie Mitchell

How Coach-able Are You

My goal and my passion is to work with women who are eager, hungry, humble, passionate, energized, ready, and motivated to make a change in their lives and their careers... I love what I do and am extremely passionate about helping others succeed. But I don't cater to everyone.

Unfortunately there are coaches out there who cater to the world and no one at the same time. With promises of a job, more money, a lavish lifestyle, a new resume, a LinkedIn profile, etc., etc., etc. Everything that all job seekers want.

That’s not Jackie Mitchell.

Coaching professional women who are ready to take action and advance their careers, not just get another job... that's what I’m passionate about. I'm passionate about getting to the root cause of why you're not getting interviews, why you're not being taken seriously at work, why you're being passed over for promotions, and even why you're unsatisfied in your day to day responsibilities.

I‘m in this business to help you succeed. I connect with my clients on such a deep level where we’re both open and vulnerable.

The process...

We work on shifting your mindset first and foremost BEFORE we ever look at your resume. Because most times, the challenge is not your resume. The challenge is in how you approach your career and how you show up. Even if you're engaged in executive coaching with me, we're working on mindset, setting goals, and taking action.

That's where we begin. Because successful women know that they must shift their thinking if what they've been doing on their own hasn't been working for them.

How exactly do they do that? They seek help, and they become coachable.

So I ask you, are you coach-able?

What does it mean to be coach-able? First off, you have to recognize that you have a challenge you need help with. You have to recognize that all of your efforts continue to get you either moving extremely slow or just gets you no where. Mainly, you have to be open to the process, trust the process, do the work, and be accountable for your own successes or failures whether you're looking to move into another organization or advance and excel where you are.

Here’s how I help my clients succeed:

  1. Accountability — I will hold you accountable. We lay out your plans and you execute on those plans... I will hold you accountable to completion.

  2. Cheer Leader — In addition to holding you accountable, I will be your biggest cheerleader. Why? Because you can be, do, or have anything you want that you put your mind to.

  3. Mindset Shift — Probably the most important of them all is mindset. I will work with you to help you identify patterns of thought and behavior that keeps you stuck. It’s typically from past experiences and conditioning so we’ll work together to bring you in the present and get you to let go of the stories of the past that keeps showing up in your present. We work on creating a new story... a new success story.

  4. A plan of action — I work with you within a framework that builds upon a foundation that you will take with you and use for years to come. And it’s done in such a way that you can update and assess where you are at any given point in your career or life. Because we work on your foundation and shifting mindsets, you’ll have the tools to go back to them and it will help you make decisions based on your true wants and desires rather than fear of what you should be doing.

Your coach cannot do the work for you. I can help guide you and show you best practices and how they can be molded for you and your personality. Your success is totally up to you. Ten times out of ten, you have the answers you seek. They're just hidden deep down. I can help you bring them to the surface.

But first, to be more coach-able, here's what I say...

  1. Seek feedback

  2. Be accepting of and thankful for feedback

  3. Understand the feedback

As you move into thoughts of leveling up and wanting to advance from where you are, you may want to consider hiring a coach that fits you, challenges you, and holds space for all of who you are.

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