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Career Mastery



Are you a high achieving professional woman who's been working tirelessly, aiming for that next big step in your career?

It's not uncommon to feel the frustration of missed promotion opportunities, the weight of new responsibilities in higher-level roles, or the strong desire for personal growth and enhanced skills to increase your influence and impact.

You're part of a community of ambitious women who encounter these challenges.

These pivotal moments can be disheartening. You might find yourself questioning your career direction, feeling disappointed, or uncertain about the path ahead. It's natural to wonder if there's more to your potential than your current role allows.


But let me assure you, you're not alone in this journey.

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With guidance and personalized coaching, we'll work together to secure those promotions, expand your influence, and empower you with the skills needed to become an exceptionally competitive candidate in the future.


It's time to seize control, transform your career, and truly thrive.


Don't let these challenges define your journey - let's embark on this transformative path together.

In the ElevateHER Mastery Career Program, you...


Break Through Career Roadblocks, Plateaus, and Missed Opportunities: 

Through personalized coaching, we'll empower you with the essential skills, confidence, and strategic vision to excel in your current role and beyond.

Navigate Career Challenges with Ease: 

Whether you've encountered a missed promotion opportunity or are transitioning to a higher-level role, my coaching will provide you with the guidance, tools, and resilience to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Achieve Harmony and Growth:

My holistic approach ensures that as you elevate your career, you'll also find the balance and personal growth you desire, enabling you to lead a fulfilling life on your terms.

I created The ElevateHER Career Mastery Program for you

A unique one-on-one 6 month leadership program that focuses on empowering professional women in their careers, with an emphasis on achieving mastery in performance and leadership excellence.


This program encompasses my holistic approach to strategic leadership skill enhancement and personal growth focused on the specific needs of women in male dominated corporate positions.

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Why am I the person to guide and support you?

Hi! I'm Jackie Mitchell

I've walked in your shoes, not just climbing the corporate ladder but facing its unique challenges head-on and I have the strategies to help you win & succeed.


I've encountered setbacks, stumbled, regained my footing with laser-focused growth strategies, and scaled new heights, all within the demanding realm of a male-dominated industry as an employee and consultant.


With an successful track record of over two decades in the IT sector and a history of spearheading global initiatives that delivered over $1 billion in combined ROI, I've garnered the insights required for exceptional success. 

AND I am here to teach you how I did it!


This is so much more than typical career coaching; this is behavioral, personal, instrospective, accountability, shifting paradigms and mindsets. 



I intimately understand the intricate challenges and nuances of being a woman in corporate spaces.


We must tread a distinct path, constantly mindful of our language and communication style, both verbal and non-verbal. We must strike the balance between assertiveness and aggression, tailoring our message to advocate for our voices to be heard.


And, as high achievers and top performers, we are driven, with little tolerance for mediocrity. The secret lies in harnessing all our strengths while cultivating a commanding presence.


As your guide and mentor, I stand uniquely positioned to empower you with the strategies and insights you need to thrive in your career.


Together, we'll leverage everything you bring to the table and craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your true essence, propelling you to the summit of your professional journey.


a handful of companies whose leaders I have worked with

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Discover What Awaits You


Cultivate Essential Leadership Competencies

Develop a commanding repertoire of leadership competencies that will not only make you a standout candidate but a coveted choice for higher-level promotions.


Master the Transition to Senior Leadership

Command senior-level roles with finesse, effortlessly managing teams, peers, upper management, and stakeholders, positioning yourself as a leader others aspire to follow.


Hone Your Leadership Prowess

Elevate your leadership style to its zenith, while refining your communication skills to resonate with authority and building unwavering relationships, especially within your sphere of influence.


Amplify Your Professional Presence

Ignite your professional presence, ensuring you wield influence and make an indelible impact wherever you go.

Here's how...

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Missed Promotion Opportunity

  • Assessment

  • Goal Setting

  • Skill Enhancement 

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Resilience Building



  • Role Transition Support

  • Leadership Training

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Time Management

  • Feedback and Evaluation


Desire for Personal Growth and Skill Enhancement

  • Self-Assessment

  • Skills Enhancement

  • Networking and Relationship Building Executive Presence

Invest In Yourself

The investment starts at $12,000, and we offer flexible payment plans with special incentives.

Need Professional Development Dollars?  Request forms available for your employer.  


This is a strategic opportunity to enhance your skills and acquire invaluable strategies that you can carry with you into future endeavors, ensuring a substantial return on your investment.

Only 4 Calendar Spots Open Yearly - Make sure one of them is yours!

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