My journey to CEO of my own life

About Me.

When I look back at my first experiences in corporate jobs, I see a smart and educated young woman—eager to succeed and quick to learn—who didn’t have the soft skills or roadmap I needed to successfully navigate a male dominated industry.


I fumbled my way through years of promotions, learning through trial and error how to negotiate and create win-win experiences. It was a struggle that I knew (even then) didn’t need to be so hard. I needed the Jackie I am today, and a network of women, offering guidance, support and encouragement. I needed someone to teach me the skills for succeeding in real life that my college degree didn’t provide.


But it was a valuable learning experience, because on my journey to more senior roles and leading the way on important projects, I’ve picked up a wealth of tools that I now share with other women who are going through the same struggles I experienced.

Bringing my tools to you.

Years ago, I began mentoring women within my organizations, who were inspired by my ability to move into more successful and fulfilling roles. I saw a need to give to these women the guidance and support I needed when I was in their position—feeling overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated. 

After years of mentoring and coaching intelligent and highly qualified women—helping them find their voice, find their confidence, define their next career move, and negotiate for more rewarding roles—I’ve created a way to help many more women succeed.

My goal is to bring women together and curate the tools, insights, and support (all in one place) that will serve you on your very specific journey as a woman in corporate positions. 

Together, with our diverse backgrounds, stories, and points of view, we will all successfully navigate our way through our own journeys to ever more fulfilling careers and personal lives. As each of us succeeds, we can authentically help the next woman on her own journey to realizing herself as CEO of her own life!

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I needed the Jackie I am today and a network of women who would support me and encourage me with their stories and insights.
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