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Jackie Mitchell


Certified Career & Life Coach

Forbes Coaches Council

IT Consultant, MSc, EdS, PMP

Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting
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Early in my career, I blindly received promotions, taking whatever was given to me and not negotiating for what I knew I wanted. Even back then, I knew it didn’t need to be so hard. I began watching what successful people around me were doing. I began doing those things, speaking their language, and making my way into rooms and positions where I once thought were unattainable.

Once I reached the levels of success that got me a seat at the table with Executives and leading multi-million dollar inititatives for CEO's, CIO's, CMO's and other members of the C-Suite, I realized that success didn't need to be so hard. I had all of the resources there available to me. 


I soaked up all of the knowledge and mentorship these executives provided me.  I took their strategies and implemented them for my own success. I learned how to be a successful professional and took control of my career and earning potential.


I became an active participant in my growth.  

Here's what I learned:

Seek help in all aspects your life because ...

  1. Mental blocks hinder your performance and ultimately diminish your success

  2. To drive success, you have to drive performance

  3. To drive performance, you have to acknowledge, take responsibility, and change your actions

  4. To drive your career, you have to be at the wheel

After years of mentoring and coaching high achieving and highly qualified women—helping them find their voice, find their confidence, define their next career move, and negotiate for more rewarding roles—I’ve created a way to help many more women succeed. 


The need for mentoring and coaching never ends even when you are at the top.  I'm on a mission to bring high achieving women together and curate the tools, insights, and support (all in one place) that will serve them on their journey in and out of the office.


Here's how:

  • I help you in get clarity on what it is you truly want. 

  • Next we take an objective assessment on where you are in your career and how it's impacting your personal life. We build skill sets that are needed to help move you forward confidently.

  • Once we gain that clarity and confidence, I take you on a journey to identify opportunities for advancement.

  • Finally, we create a roadmap, unique to you and your experiences, which is the foundation of everything you need to move confidently and boldy Own Your Career.


I am significantly more confident in myself, which has directly impacted how I conduct myself at work and how I represent myself in networking events and during interview. Additionally, it has given me ways to look at my future that I did not see before. In particular, understanding what I really want verses what I think I want/need; that things may look differently than what I may have imagined. Overall, it was an incredible experience that I have greatly benefited from in many ways. I am grateful for the opportunity Jackie has given me, this is exactly what I needed professionally and personally.


Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting | Career Coaching and Life Coaching
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