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Jackie Mitchell


Career Strategist

Certified Career & Life Coach

Forbes Coaches Council

IT / Strategy Consultant, MSc, EdS, PMP

Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting
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As a high achiever, I intimately understand the desire for career advancement and the uncertainty that often accompanies it. I've been where you are, yearning for more in my career and searching for the right guidance to achieve my goals.


​Through my experience as an Executive Program Manager, I uncovered a powerful truth: the strategies I successfully employed to navigate complex projects were the same strategies used by the accomplished executives I collaborated with.


I've since dedicated myself to helping ambitious women professionals just like you break through the barriers that hinder progress. Many of these challenges may seem insurmountable, but with the right mindset, strategies, and actions they become stepping stones to your highest aspirations.


I became an active participant in my growth.  

Here's what I learned:

Seek help in all aspects your life because ...

  1. Mental blocks hinder your performance and ultimately diminish your success

  2. To drive success, you have to drive performance

  3. To drive performance, you have to acknowledge, take responsibility, and change your actions

  4. To drive your career, you have to be at the wheel

After years of mentoring and coaching high achieving and highly qualified women—helping them find their voice, find their confidence, define their next career move, and negotiate for more rewarding roles—I’ve created a way to help many more women succeed. 


The need for mentoring and coaching never ends even when you are at the top. I'm on a mission to support women leaders in being the best versions of themselves so they can show up fully, authentically, empathetically, compassionately, and assertively with grace and change the face and paradigm of leadership as we know it today.


Are you ready to drive impactful change and cultivate a lasting legacy?


I am significantly more confident in myself, which has directly impacted how I conduct myself at work and how I represent myself in networking events and during interview. Additionally, it has given me ways to look at my future that I did not see before. In particular, understanding what I really want verses what I think I want/need; that things may look differently than what I may have imagined. Overall, it was an incredible experience that I have greatly benefited from in many ways. I am grateful for the opportunity Jackie has given me, this is exactly what I needed professionally and personally.


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