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Accelerating Impact: A 60 Minute Mini Training | Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting

Welcome to "Accelerating Impact," an on-demand video training designed exclusively for women leaders seeking to maximize their agency in leadership roles.


In this 60-minute guided training, we workshop an insightful leadership assessment. This assessment tool will prompt you to take a TRUE look at where you are as a leader and as a direct report.

You'll now be able to gain insight into why you do what you do as well as identifying external factors that influence your behaviors.

in the training

Let's Workshop this Powerful Leadership Assessment together!

Enroll Below!

Dive into a 60-minute intensive training for women in leadership roles.

Access practical tools and techniques to navigate challenges with confidence.

Unlock the power to shape your career trajectory and drive your success forward.

Take the assessment to gain insights and strategies to maximize your impact and amplify your leadership skills.

Explore communication tactics, negotiation strategies, and career growth insights.

Receive an Exclusive Bonus

Enroll Today!

Enroll now and gain access to this transformative

on-demand video training.

By the end of this training, you will:

  1. Receive practical insights and tools to assess and enhance your leadership agency.

  2. Know how to steer your career path deliberately, making intentional decisions that lead to fulfilling career outcomes.

  3. Get actionable steps to develop essential leadership skills.

  4. Have the secrets to translating your learnings into tangible actions for sustained success.

Why Take the Assessment:

Leadership agency is about intentional actions, impactful decision-making, and steering the course of your leadership journey.


This assessment acts as a compass, aiding you in identifying areas for growth and opportunities to amplify your influence as a leader.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential Now!

Join me in workshopping this powerful Leadership Assessment together!


Elevate your leadership skills and steer your career toward success.

Don't miss this opportunity to take charge of your professional journey!

Ready To Go Even Deeper?

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