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Leadership Journey



Empower Yourself for a Thriving Leadership Career
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As an emerging leader, you've already achieved impressive milestones.


Now, it's time to take your career to new heights.

Women Colleagues
Are you a leader facing the daunting transition from task manager to strategic powerhouse?

We understand the challenges you're wrestling with.

You've excelled as a task manager and doer, achieving remarkable feats along the way.

But now, the landscape is changing, and you're navigating uncharted territory.
The Challenge
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Effective Team Management

You're given the responsibility of leading a cross-functional team on a high-stakes project. While you're knowledgeable in your field, you're struggling with managing the different personalities and skill sets on your team.


Delegation, team management, and defining your unique

leadership style are becoming paramount.

New Leadership Role

You've recently been promoted to a leadership position within your organization. While you're excited about the opportunity, you're also feeling a bit overwhelmed. You want to ensure a smooth transition into your new role and develop the skills needed to lead your team effectively.


The weight of strategic thinking rests on your shoulders, and expectations are soaring.

Self - Doubt

You're experiencing self-doubt and imposter syndrome. You recognize that these feelings are holding you back from fully embracing your leadership potential and speaking up during meetings.

That inner critic of self-doubt and imposter syndrome is trying to claw its way to the forefront, making you question if you truly belong.

Empower Growth

These challenges, these moments of uncertainty, they're more common than you might think.


They're part of the transformative journey from task manager to strategic leader, a journey filled with emotions, doubts, and a burning desire to thrive in your new role.

But here's the truth:


You possess incredible potential, untapped strengths, and the resilience to break free from the blockage of self-doubt.

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Leadership Journey

The ElevateHER Career Journey Program is a comprehensive six-month leadership development initiative that centers on elevating performance through strategic leadership coaching, covering a broad spectrum of vital leadership competencies, including strategic thinking, effective communication, team leadership, and authentic leadership.

In This Program You Will Learn The 4 Step

C.R.a.N.E   Framework
(WHAT to do) to ...


Conquer delegating strategically whether you have a team or not

Define your leadership style 

Have Influence & Impact in your career regardless of your role

Meet the needs and demands of your role while sustaining a life you love to live

Acquire high-demand skills in communication, negotiation, and building key relationships.

Our program is designed to address these challenges head-on.

The ElevateHER Leadership Journey: 

Your Path to Success

With a focus on your unique strengths, we guide you through:

Transforming into a strategic thinker and visionary leader.

 Mastering delegation and confidently leading your team.

Cultivating an authentic leadership style that aligns with your values.

Acquiring high-demand skills in communication, negotiation, and more.

Achieving a work-life balance that's sustainable and fulfilling.

Pia A., Project Manager

"The coaching not only covered career coaching, but PM [project management] in particular and support of every day issues so that I can continue to be my personal best.  Jackie held the space for me to talk about goals and positive affirmations."

Katie P., Sr. HR Assoc.

"Overall, it was an incredible experience that I have greatly benefited from in many ways. I am grateful for the opportunity Jackie has given me, this is exactly what I needed professionally and personally."

Natasha L., Business Analyst

"I wasn't hesitant in enrolling in coaching because I fully trust Jackie and respect her guidance."
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Invest in Yourself for Lasting Success

The ElevateHER Leadership Journey Program is an investment with a substantial return.


You earn over $100k annually, and this program ensures a career trajectory that will continually increase your earnings year over year.

Emma B., IT Director

"Jackie has a wonderfully positive approach, she creates an environment that inspires honest conversation and confidence; confidence to challenge the status quo and confidence to think outside the box. "

Courtney T., now Assoc.VP

"Jackie helped provide a new lens into my professional vision to help me identify what I'm capable of achieving."

Dhanha B., Education Professional

"I now have more confidence in myself and my capabilities."


A Comprehensive Program for
Emerging Women Leaders

Leadership Journey

Your Journey

I'm committed to your success.
This program is designed to deliver transformative results over six months, ensuring you gain the skills, confidence, and influence you need to excel as a leader.


This Program Is Tailored for Emerging Female Leaders Who...

  • Are determined to advance their careers and lead with confidence.

  • Have a track record of excellence but face challenges transitioning into leadership roles.

  • Aspire to excel in strategic thinking, effective communication, and team leadership.

  • Desire a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

  • Seek a career investment that offers long-term, tangible results.

  • Value authenticity and compassion in their leadership style.

  • Are committed to achieving work-life balance in demanding roles.

If you resonate with these qualities, the ElevateHER Leadership Journey Program is your ideal path to professional growth and leadership excellence. Join us to empower your leadership journey.

While ElevateHER is Perfect for Many Emerging Female Leaders, It May Not Be Your Ideal Fit If:

  • You're not committed to actively participating and investing time in your own growth.

  • Immediate results are expected without recognizing the need for personal development.

  • You prefer a one-size-fits-all male centric approach rather than personalized coaching.

  • A lack of willingness to challenge yourself and embrace change is present.

  • You're content with the status quo and aren't eager to advance in your career.

  • You're unwilling to collaborate and learn from a diverse community of peers.

  • Compassion, authenticity, and work-life balance aren't valued in your leadership journey.

If these points resonate with you, the ElevateHER Leadership Journey Program may not align with your current aspirations and goals. We're here to support those who are ready to embrace transformation and achieve lasting success.

ElevateHER Highlights

At ElevateHER, we're committed to your success. Our program is designed to deliver transformative results over six months, ensuring you gain the skills, confidence, and influence you need to excel as a leader.

A 6-month immersive journey tailored to emerging female leaders.

$9,000 – Incentives & Flexible Payment options available... AND Employer Sponsorship Request Form Available

Virtual group coaching sessions and weekly accountability check-ins.

Peer Community:
Engage with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and build a strong support network.

Access to exclusive leadership resources and tools to aid your growth.

Limited Availability:
This program is only offered twice per year for a small group of women leaders.

January cohort is CLOSED:

Get on the waitlist for our next Cohort beginning in April 2024

Enter your details below:

Image by Alvin Engler
Image by Alvin Engler

Imagine This Scenario

You're a highly capable emerging leader, but you face the same challenges that many women in leadership roles encounter. You're often in meetings where your ideas are overlooked, you're labeled "intimidating" when you assert yourself, and you find yourself struggling to strike the right balance between assertiveness and authenticity. It's a common story, and without intervention, it might continue.

The Alternative?

You do nothing, and those challenges persist. You're left navigating a corporate world designed with a male-centric lens, struggling to be heard and make your mark. But you know you have the potential to be a change agent, a leader who inspires and commands respect.


By choosing ElevateHER, you're choosing a program tailored to your success as a woman in a leadership role. You'll gain knowledge, tools, and strategies rooted in real-life situations and designed with women in mind. No more fitting into the mold of traditional leadership practices that don't consider your unique strengths and experiences.


With ElevateHER, you're changing the face of leadership, becoming the leader people want to work with, and making your mark on the future.

What Makes ME Qualified to Teach These Strategies?

Here's what others had to say during my tenure as an Executive Program Leader & Strategist:


Join us on a transformational journey, tailor-made for emerging leaders like you.


Together, we'll empower you to conquer delegation, master team dynamics, define your leadership style, and silence that inner critic for good.


Are you ready to rise above the common dilemma and emerge as the confident, influential leader you're destined to be?

JOIN The ElevateHER Leadership Program

A 6 Month Emmersive Journey Tailored for Emerging Women Leaders

Get on the Waitlist to be notified when Registration Opens

Enter your details below:

Payment Options Available Below:


$ 2,700

(SAVE $900)

Assessments & Goal Setting

Over 9 Hours of LIVE Group Coaching & Strategy Sessions

Weekly Accountability Check Ins

Weekly Office Hours

Personalized Performance Plans

Monthly Enrichment Exercises

Access to exclusive leadership resources and tools to aid your Growth & Performance



extended plan

Assessments & Goal Setting

Over 9 Hours of LIVE Group Coaching & Strategy Sessions

Weekly Accountability Check Ins

Weekly Office Hours

Personalized Performance Plans

Monthly Enrichment Exercises

Access to exclusive leadership resources and tools to aid your Growth & Performance



(SAVE $1,800)

Assessments & Goal Setting

Over 9 Hours of LIVE Group Coaching & Strategy Sessions

Weekly Accountability Check Ins

Weekly Office Hours

Personalized Performance Plans

Monthly Enrichment Exercises

Access to exclusive leadership resources and tools to aid your Growth & Performance

Want to request Professional Development Dollars from your employer?

I've made it simple.

Download the Employer Request form below:

ElevateHER Leadership Journey Request Template - Download HERE

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your potential and achieve the career you deserve.


Join ElevateHER and begin your transformation today.


Secure your space while seats are available for the upcoming cohort.

  • How long are the sessions?
    Each session is 90 minutes long. That's 60 minutes of instruction and a dedicated 30 minute Q&A.
  • What if I miss a session?
    You are required to attend each session LIVE. That's the BEST way to get the most from your learning. Sessions will be recorded and available for 24 hours.
  • Are refunds given if I can't make it to the sessions?
    Refunds are not given. We will move your enrollment to the next upcoming accelerator.
  • Do I already have to be in a senior level role to join?
    No. This is for you if you're an aspiring leader as well.
  • This seems like a short course. How do I know if I'll get what I need?
    This is an accelerator program which means it is a 4-week guided LIVE group program covering the KEY STRATEGIES you need to become a more strategic and impactful leader. This is a kickstarter to your learning to help you move the needle forward on your development.
  • What if I'm not on social media? How do I get access to the private community?
    You will be sent a link prior to the accelerator to join our private community that is not associated with social media. In other words, you DO NOT have to have any social media account to join and be a part of our community.
  • Can I work with you 1:1 for private coaching?
    Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than this program, I offer a private leadership development program with an option of 3 or 6 months long. You can book a strategy session here: BOOK YOUR CALL

Is this the program for you?

Schedule Your ElevateHER Chat to discuss which program is a right fit for you.

Need One-on-One Personalized Guidance & Support?

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