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Elevating Careers
Empowering Leaders

Women Tailored Career Strategies for

Emerging Leaders and Mid-Career Professionals

Welcome To Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting!

Are you an emerging leader seeking to rise to the top of your field? Or perhaps you're a mid-career professional looking to take your career to the next level?


At JMCC, I specialize in guiding women like you towards success.

I'm all about helping ambitious women transform their careers. Let's make your career journey amazing!

Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting | Career Strategies
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How much control do you really have in your career?

Download our Exclusive Career Trajectory and

Leadership Assessment Tool Now!


Uncover key insights into your career decisions, enhance your self-awareness, and gain strategies to magnify your leadership capabilities.

Begin your transformative journey now - complete the form below to begin your career assessment.

The Keys to Your Potential

You may not realize your unique strengths and the ability to leverage them to drive impact.


I help you understand and strengthen your skills and areas for growth. 


My programs give you the power to navigate your career challenges strategically. 

Explore your paths with me:

Accelerate Your Impact:
The  Leadership Assessment

Explore this accelerated 60 minute leadership training and assessment that concisely pin points your next steps based on where you are in your leadership journey.


Explore the program designed to put the power and control BACK into your hands as a woman leader and exceptional high achiever. I have the guidance and program you need to finally be seen as the confident and credible leader you are or are becoming.

CAREER Mastery

Once you're ready to get elevated to new heights, new responsbilities, or new roles, Career Mastery will give you what you specfically need to get to that next elevated level in your career. This is an opportunity to work one on one with a strategist who has the tools to elevate your brand and performance.



I’ve empowered women across diverse industries and backgrounds, demonstrating my track record of success.

Enhanced Leadership Skills:

My tailored coaching programs equip you with essential leadership competencies to excel in your roles.

Confidence and Self-Assurance:

Overcome imposter syndrome and gain the self-assurance to shine in any professional setting.

Strategic Vision and Direction:

 Learn to set clear goals and develop a strategic vision for your career path.

Strong Leadership Presence:

Project confidence, authenticity, and authority as a leader in your industry.


Effective Communication:

Master communication skills to convey your ideas with impact and clarity.

Personal Branding & Advancement

Define and communicate your unique value to unlock new career opportunities.

Skills Application and Impact:

Apply what you learn in real-world scenarios, making a tangible difference in your professional journey.

Resilience and Adaptability:

Develop resilience to face challenges and adaptability to thrive in dynamic environments.

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Courtney T. | Assoc. VP

[I have] more confidence in career navigation, a better sense of professional goals, and a career that is more aligned [with] my career path. It was a dynamic experience. Jackie helped provide a new lens into my professional vision to help me identify what I'm capable of achieving.

- Invest in Yourself -

Earning over $100K annually, you deserve to invest in your growth and future.


Take the first step towards your career transformation. Schedule a consultation with us today, and let's explore how together, we can empower you to achieve your career goals.

Together, WE Partner In Your Career Advancement.

I understand your challenges:

Navigating Leadership:

Gain strategic leadership skills in our specialized group programs. 

Mid-Career Plateaus:

Break through career plateaus with personalized one-on-one performance coaching.

Balancing It All:

Achieve work-life harmony and personal growth with my proprietary holistic approach to address YOU as the whole woman.


Transform Your Life






Meet Your Strategist

Hi! I'm Jackie Mitchell

As a Career Strategist and Coach, I’m dedicated to empowering women.  My focus is on fostering a profound sense of self-awareness and self-assurance.


Through our coaching journey together, I guide you to recognize and embrace your unique strengths, enabling you to confidently navigate complex professional landscapes and assert your influence with grace and conviction.


I work closely with you to develop a strong, authentic voice that resonates with your values and aspirations, allowing you to communicate assertively and purposefully.


Throughout our sessions, I provide tailored strategies and practical tools that facilitate effective communication, boundary-setting, and strategic career planning.


By creating a supportive environment for introspection and goal-setting, I enable you to define your path with clarity and purpose, unlocking your potential to drive meaningful change within your organizations.


Our collaboration focuses on building a resilient mindset and a strong professional network, encouraging you to foster relationships that offer guidance, mentorship, and growth opportunities.


The transformation that you experience after working with me is remarkable. Not only do you develop a profound sense of confidence and clarity but you also establish a resilient approach to navigating the challenges of the professional sphere.


With an enhanced understanding of your unique value and potential, you are empowered to take charge of your career trajectories, advocate for your ideas, and foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment.


Through our coaching journey, you emerge as an influential and purpose-driven leader, equipped with the skills and mindset necessary to drive impactful changes and cultivate a lasting legacy in your area of expertise.

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