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an early to mid career professional woman trying to move up to more senior level roles but having little success?

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It's about Positioning
It's about Action
It's about Excellence

Do you have a competitive advantage?

I support early to mid-career professional women who want to advance further their careers, be seen as experts in their fields, and be known as innovators.

I'll help you prepare yourself for more senior level roles and leadership positions.

Hi, I’m Jackie.

As a high achiever, I personally know what it's like to want more for my career but not be sure where and how to get the help to achieve these goals I set for myself.


Until I realized that the strategies I used to successfully execute on planned actions as an IT Program Manager, were the same strategies executives I worked closely with used to excel and get to the levels of success they'd attained. 

I’ve helped my clients break through these obstacles too... the obstacles and challenges that seem to be holding them back in life because they just didn't know how to effectively take action.


Let me support you in executing strategies and effective actions to overcome the issues that stand in the way of achieving your highest goals. 

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Do you know how to get the promotion you want?

Do you know how to get the higher level position you want?



Jackie is a kind, very intelligent woman. She speaks with so much knowledge but also keeps it real with you. She has a way of connecting with her clients in a way that is specific to their needs and she shares stories that allow you to gain perspective on your own life. It was a pleasure working with her. I would work with her again in a heartbeat! 

—  Teresha R. |Program Manager L&D

Sometimes we just need someone to help us ask the right questions, inspire us to action, and then hold us accountable so that we keep moving toward our desired outcomes.

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