Developing Leaders Accelerator Program

You KNOW you’re qualified. But do THEY do?

Master these leadership strategies & finally get the higher paying leadership roles you know you deserve.


Working Harder is NOT a strategy. Trying to have convincing conversations is NOT a strategy.

do you believe ...

... that if you work harder, being the first one in and the last one out, is going to get you noticed and respected enough to uplevel in your career and land these coveted senior level positions.  




The truth of the matter is that, no matter how much ‘doing’ you ‘do’, you’ll never be seen as a true leader if you don’t master KEY STRATEGIES to be seen as a trusted leader, not worker.


you've worked hard ... 

... to become the subject matter expert. You’ve worked hard to become the go to person in the office.  You’ve worked hard to build a career and reputation that precedes you.  But now you’re at a crossroads wondering why all that you’ve done is not getting you to higher level leadership positions.


Here’s why…

You’re a ‘DOER’.  You’re not seen as a STRATEGIST.  You’re too much into the details to know how to communicate and capture the attention of those already in a leadership position… i.e. the CxOs, AVPs, VPs, etc.


Once you want the next level, you have to begin to think and strategize at the level you’re seeking.  You have to become it.


hi, I’m Jackie Mitchell.


I am a Career Coach.


My background is in IT as a Senior Program and Project Manager leading at the Executive level, large scale Mergers & Acquisition initiatives for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies globally and here in the US.  It is my mission to help professional women just like you, land senior level positions and make more money,  much more quickly by using key strategies Executives use and look for in their teams.


I teach strategies that I’ve been taught by key executives I’ve worked with and have implemented for my own success over the past 17 years.

Why me?


What makes me qualified to teach you these strategies?

I’ve been taught by the best of the best. I’ve had direct access working with top Executives and Presidents of companies who look to me to solve their project problems and challenges.


In working with these leaders, I paid keen attention to their style, challenges, asks, and successes. I learned from the best on how to build an A-team of workers and strategists.


this is for ...

... the professional who has outgrown their current day to day work responsibilities.


... the professional who knows they are qualified for the leadership roles they see and hear about.

... the professional who feels stuck in their current position.


... the professional who wants to get focused on their goals and actions.


... the professional who wants accountability and a boost to their self-confidence.


... the professional who doesn’t feel seen and valued in their organization.

this isn't for you if ...

... you believe you need to just fix your resume to get the job.

... you believe you need to work harder rather than have clear strategies.

... you’re not coachable and believe you already know what to do.

... you’re in an unfilling role and are hoping for one day, things to be better or for other people to change so that you can get what you want.

... you don’t believe there are key strategies you need to get to your next level.

You’re not open to taking action to get from where you are to where you want to be.


... you’re not committed to your growth and transformation.


... you're not ready to do the work on your mindset, take accountability, and be responsible for your growth and transformation


... you’re not THAT committed to achieving your goals.

... you’re not convinced that coaching really works.


What you'll learn ...

  • How to become more impactful 

  • How to become more influential

  • How to cultivate your leadership style 

  • Strategies to secure your next role











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clients said...

It was a dynamic experience. Jackie helped provide a new lens into my professional vision to help me identify what I’m capable of achieving. [I have] more confidence in career navigation; a better sense of professional goals; and a career that is more with my career path.

- Courtney - Assoc. VP Program Services

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