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Monday, December 4th 

🌟 Day 1: Feeling Empowered in Your Leadership Journey.

Discover why you may be feeling disempowered, sidelined, or constrained in your leadership role.

Join us for actionable insights and strategies to regain control and amplify your career impact!

Tuesday, December 5th 

🌟 Day 2: Mastering Relationships for Leadership Success

Explore effective methods to enhance relationships with your team, boss, and stakeholders.

Learn practical steps to cultivate impactful connections and propel your leadership journey forward!

Wednesday, December 6th

12:00 PM (EST)

🌟 Day 3: Embrace Your Presence, Own Your Space.

Unlock the secrets of taking up space and asserting your presence as a leader.

Gain confidence and insights to thrive in your professional environment!

Thursday, December 7th

12:00 PM (EST)

🌟 Day 4: Seizing Opportunities with Strategic Timing

Dive into the significance of timing in your career trajectory.

Discover how strategic timing can be a game-changer for your professional growth and success!

Friday, December 8th

12:00 PM (EST)

🌟 Day 5 (Bonus Day): Executive Presence, Influence, and Impact

Join us for this special bonus session!
Elevate your executive presence, enhance your influence, and maximize your impact as a leader.

Don't miss this empowering session to level up your leadership skills!

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