• Jackie Mitchell

Refreshed & Renewed

It's about halfway through the year and a great time to take stock of where you are, how you are moving and adjust. For me, this taking stock was a realization that I was burning the candle at both ends with very little room left in the middle.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this feeling. That common overachiever feeling where you just don't know where to begin or what to do because you just have so much on your plate.

Maybe you’ve felt that you in a fog recently and it seems there's no way out? Or does it feel that you just under the pile of things to do and don't know if you can recover?

If this is you, let me tell you, we are in this together! This was me... a few weeks ago. UNTIL. Until I took a look at exactly what was keeping me in that 'fog'... ME! I was keeping me in a fog. I had put so many expectations and objectives on my plate that I forgot the main goal. I was overwhelmed with everything and running in all directions but not getting anywhere.

I found relief in the most unexpected places. One day last month, I happened upon a video of Steve Harvey taking audience questions. And while I don't remember the exact question, I remember his answer: "You got to start eliminating unnecessary things out of your life." He then went on to discuss the key points of a book called 'Essentialism' by Greg McKeown. His answer struck a chord with me so I wrote down the name of the book. One late night, while up working, the book came to mind again and I just ordered it right then. Within two days, I received it and began reading. This probably has been the best decision I've made in the past three months.

Here's why:

Essentialism speaks to the pursuit of not just doing less, but doing less but BETTER! This book has been an honest mirror on some of the habits I have that I have that lead to being overwhelmed. It helps to explain to me what I'm doing and why as well as why others do the things they do as well.

This book is helping me declutter my mind and my life. I've gained so much clarity and I'm not yet finished the book (Only 70 pages to go!). But I wanted to give you some nuggets of information that has helped me thus far.

Here are some key points: (I won't go into it deeply because I want you to read the book for yourself!)

1. Essentialism is living by design - not by default!

2. Trade-offs are important and a necessity

3. You have the power of choice

4. Distinguish the trivial many from the vital few

5. Set boundaries

6. Let go of Sunk Cost Bias -- THIS IS MANY OF US!

7. The Endowment Effect

The Essentialist Approach to everything is:

1. Explore and Evaluate

2. Eliminate

3. Execute

I feel rejuvenated and renewed going into the second half of this year. It's never too late to restart! For me, it's been a revalidation of what I want to do and why I need to do it.

I hope for you, you get the same spark of joy towards your ambitious goals as I have and enter the second half of the year ready to achieve them.

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