• Jackie Mitchell

Build Your Confidence Muscle: Shift Your Thinking

Confidence is a skill. It’s not a trait you’re inherently born with. It’s a skill, a muscle, that you can gain by practice, practice, practice.

Start small and build by exercising this skill repeatedly. Confidence is built on your healthy self esteem, your belief in your abilities, and your level of competence. All of which I help you build through a unique set of techniques, exercises, and motivation.

I’ve talked to a lot of women who don’t believe they have the confidence to do certain things or even ask for what they want. Such as, pursuing a higher paying role that supports their growth and goals. So instead, they settle and remain unsatisfied in their comfort zone. The things we want are available to us once we build our confidence.

Below, I've put together 4 top actions you can take right now that will build your confidence muscle and shift your thinking:

  1. Prepare -- Preparation is key to help you calm your nerves. It helps with your competence level for any task or skill. You will immediately feel more confident going into a situation with advance preparation instead of being caught off guard. Being prepared is key. Know your stuff!

  2. Find a confidence role model -- Who do you admire that is very confident? Mirro them! Typically this would be someone you already know. Sit down with them. Talk with them. Observe them, especially in tough situations if possible and see how they keep their cool. Try to learn how they think and what gets them going. And incorporate some of their confidence techniques that you have learned or observed. Take the best parts that you feel comfortable with and start there.

  3. Go somewhere new on your own -- Travel to somewhere you’ve never been before. It can be in your city or town. Do it alone. Navigate the terrain ON YOUR OWN. Just get around random people and find your way shopping, eating, or even just walking around on your own. Exploring and figuring out things in a low risk situation such as this will build your “I can do it” attitude.

  4. Introduce yourself to someone new -- Try this for a week or even a month. Get out there and strike up a conversation. Strike up a conversation. This may seem nerve-racking at first but trust me it is a true confidence builder.

(*in these times, getting out and talking to people may not be recommended. Please be safe. There are alternatives to this. Virtual meetings, Informational interviews, and even handling something or taking on something you typically have someone else, such as a partner, do - get creative and don't let fear get in the way. Start small)

The point here is to get out of your comfort zone.

Get uncomfortable so you can train yourself to be comfortable, no matter the situation.

You’ll start to believe in yourself when you have these mini wins that ultimately turn into bigger wins.

Confidence is a state of mind. If you want to be successful, you must start with exercising confidence.

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