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What I Learned Early & Quickly in my Career

When I first started my career I didn't know many things I know now. I was bright eyed and determined to make an indelible impression wherever I went. I asked many questions and sought out people who were more experienced than me. I swallowed my pride on many occasions and became a student not just for career purposes but for self growth and development. I began to ask for feedback on things that I had done. Funny enough, I received constructive criticism that made me shift my behavior as well as my thinking.

I was fortunate enough to connect with really great experts in their field. Not only in my chosen area but other areas.

Once I became open to learning, my world opened up and new opportunities came more frequently.

What I learned early and quickly in my career.  : PM Professor Blog

Best of all, I learned these 2 very key lessons that I take with me today:

  1. NO EXCUSES. No one cares about excuses. They do not. Especially when you are tasked to deliver through relying on others. EXCUSES do not count. So what do you do? You set expectations and give options.

  2. MANAGE PERSONALITIES. Managing projects, no matter what it is, how complex or not, is not about the project. Managing projects is 'hard' because you're truly managing personalities. Think about the last project you were on. At the end of the day, you knew what they wanted and how to provide the service or product. It was the different personalities that made things complicated. Once you realize this and begin to master the task of managing personalities, you're on your way to success.

My success as a Project Manager stems from these lessons that I learned very early in my career. I'm very thankful for those who helped guide me, mentor me, and mold me into the successful professional woman I am today.

What lessons have you learned thus far?

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