Ready to...

take action to advance your career, achieve your BIG career goals, and Own The Direction of Your Career?

Jackie Mitchell Career Coaching Signature Coaching Program

Own Your Career


  • Take ownership of the direction of your career

  • Take bold action

  • Take strategic action 


Owning Your Career means, getting into the driver’s seat and being intentional about where you want to go. 


It means taking responsibility now for making a shift in areas you’re unhappy with and resolving the issues that seem to follow you regardless of your position or employer

Until you have a mindset shift, you will continue to show up lacking confidence, lacking leadership, and lacking the assertiveness you need for the full embodiment of the drive and focus you must have in order to  propel you forward today and for years to come. I successfully help my clients with those skills because I was once her. 

- Jackie

Successful professional women seek help in all aspects of their lives because here's what they know...

  1. Mental blocks hinder your performance and ultimately diminish success

  2. To drive success, you have to drive performance

  3. To drive performance, you have to acknowledge, take responsibility, and change your actions

THIS is what the Signature Coaching Program will do for you.

Did you know...

Who this is for ...

... the professional woman who knows what they want however, is not sure exactly how to get from where they are now to where they want to be.

... the professional woman who wants personal accountability and guidance in advancing their career either with a promotion in their current organization or with a new role and higher level opportunity in a new organization. 

... the professional woman who wants one-on-one private career coaching to help them achieve career success.

... the professional woman who knows that employer sponsored development programs WILL NOT get them to the heights they want to go in their careers because those programs do not address the unique needs of women and their career challenges.

What is the Signature Coaching Program?

  •  A uniquely designed 3-month intensive career coaching program to help you to strategically advance your career so that you can finally live a more fulfilling and satisfying life you deserve

  • A program that addresses unique challenges women face, such as:

    • Getting your voice heard regardless if you’re in a leadership position or not

    • Addressing imposter syndrome which seems to unproportionately plague high achieving women

    • The false premise that you must have all the qualifications to go after higher level leadership roles

  • Complete curated and developed resources and tools to advance your career and complete your tactical career toolkit 

By the end of this program, you will ...


  • Own the directon of your career

  • Know how to use strategy to advance your career and achieve your goals

  • Have a personalized unique career plan and roadmap for career success that supports you even when you’ve outgrown your current position

The Signature Method

Get focused on the end game.

I support you in building the bridge to get there

Assess the challenges currently in your way

Explore & analyze your ideal opportunities for success

We create a career roadmap to help guide and support your long term goals

Understanding that the need for mentoring and coaching never ends even when you are at the top, this program teaches a unique approach to empower professional women at various stages of their careers - from managers to executives.


You'll get the support needed to confidently and effectively communicate your needs and develop skills to meet and exceed your career ambitions. I'll support you in identifying patterns of behavior that keep you feeling stuck and in your comfort zone.


With my support, you'll learn how to be more intentional, deliberate, and strategic with your actions so they align with your values to ultimately get you to your professional and personal goals.


"I think career coaching is a deeply personal journey, fraught with highs and lows and I think it is easy to become dis-affected when confronted with certain realities. Jackie has a wonderfully positive approach, she creates an environment that inspires honest conversation and confidence; confidence to challenge the status quo and confidence to think outside the box."

Emma B. | IT Director

"[My pain point before coaching] was effective communication as a PM [Project Manager]. There was no hesitation as I trusted the knowledge of the coach [Jackie] to help me along with this pain point."

Pia A.  | Project Manager

"Unhappy in my current role, looking to level up at a new company. [There was] no hesitation. I was ready to make a change and just needed a push. I had the confidence to take on a new role, I leveled up my professionalism quickly, I was also able to understand myself better, learn how to set personal and professional goals, and move passed insecurity to achieve the level of success I'm looking for - all in 10 sessions!"

Teresha R. | Program Manager L&D

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Ready to take bold action? 

Confident Woman

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m unemployed and looking for a new job opportunity. Is this program for me?

This program requires an investment in yourself with time and money. Our private coaching programs start at $2500. The Career Mentoring program may be better suited for job seekers looking to prepare themselves for their next career opportunity, and provide you the tools and resources to go after your ideal career opportunity in a self paced / on demand program.

Is this a job search program?

No. This program is NOT a job search program nor resume writing service. Within this program and along the journey, we will work on strategic methods in your career opportunity search. We will work holistically on your career advancement and development. We will work on shifting your mindset with your approach to your career.

I am already in a senior level role. However, I’m feeling unfulfilled. Can you help me?

Absolutely! This program is for you. I support you in finding joy and fulfillment in your career, whatever that looks like for you. So, whether you want to completely transition into another career or move up in the same career but with a different organization, I'll support you to do either one.

Who is this program best suited for?

This is suited for women at managerial levels and above. This is best suited for the woman who knows exactly what she wants in her career yet needs support and guidance in getting there.

Is this program in person?

This program is all virtual. We meet in a private conferencing space. You will gain access to this space and will have the option to either join by your phone or by your computer. IF you want face-to-face sessions, we can discuss the logistics with this, as it will incur additional fees. In some cases, you can upgrade your program into a bootcamp where we meet locally over a weekend (2 days) and you will receive the same training in a shorter time span.

What if I still have questions?

Schedule your Free Consultation with me here. We can discuss all your questions about the program on the call.

Can I purchase this for someone else?

Absolutely you can. But here’s the caveat. THEY WILL HAVE TO WANT TO DO THIS. The process is the same. They will have to have their discovery call with me for me to determine if they are an ideal fit for the program. You absolutely can provide your payment information, however, the actual first steps and determination must come from and be demonstrated by the person being coached. They will have to want the coaching; not just because you want it for them.

How long is this program?

This program is 3 month (90 day) program. Because there are homework assignments, it is best to have one session every other week, so you can have the time to complete each assignment, ask questions, and take action.

I need a job now. Do you have an accelerated program?

Remember, there's a saying:The best time to look for a job, is when you don't NEED a job. This program is designed for women who are ready to transform their careers. They are not looking for just a job. They are looking for a fulfilling opportunity within their careers. Even with the VIP days and intensives I provide, JMCC or any other career coach, cannot guarantee a timeframe in securing a job or new opportunity.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Depending on the coaching program you choose, a payment plan of 2 payments within 21 days can be secured.

What if I want coaching but don't have 3 months to commit?

That's perfectly fine. We can do a VIP Day or intensive. A VIP day is customized for your specific needs where we focus on one to two goals.

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