Ready to...

move to the next level in your career, have more financial success, and take ownership of living a more fulfilling life?

Until you have a mindset shift, you will continue to show up with lacking confidence, lacking leadership, and lacking assertiveness you need for full embodiment of what you need to  propel you forward today and for years to come.

- Jackie

What is my Signature Coaching Program?

  •  A uniquely crafted multi-week program for the woman who wants one on one attention and guidance in building the confidence to going after a more satisfying career and lifestyle.

  • Discover the tools successful women use to find work they love doing, get a salary they're excited about, and take back control of their careers

  • Become a confident problem solving professional who has the foundation to continue to navigate and build a successful career​


At the end of this coaching program, you will have:

  • gained the confidence necessary to position yourself for a promotion or a new role, and higher paying salary

  • gained tools necessary to succeed in your career

  • gained the necessary skills to navigate your career and reach your goals

signature coaching method

Get focused on where you want to be and what you need to get there.

Assess the skills you’ll hone to achieve the higher roles you want.

Examine your options for opportunities that meet your desires.

Receive a step-by-step plan for achieving your goals that will continue to serve you in the future.

Understanding that the need for mentoring and coaching never ends even when you are at the top, this program teaches a unique approach to empower executives and young professionals alike.


You'll learn to confidently and effectively communicate your needs and develop skills to meet and exceed your career ambitions. 

Successful professional women seek help in all aspects of their lives because here's what they know...

  1. Mental blocks hinder your performance and ultimately diminish success

  2. To drive success, you have to drive performance

  3. To drive performance, you have to acknowledge, take responsibility, and change your actions

Ready to finally move ahead in your career? 

Jackie Mitchell Career Coaching Program

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m unemployed and looking for a new job opportunity. Is this program for me?

Whether you are currently working or unemployed, you will have to have the means to invest time and dollars to this program.

Is this a job search program?

No, not solely. This program is so much more than a job search. This program will help you pinpoint exactly what it is you want, what you value, and how you can offer solutions to your potential employers. Within this program and along the journey, we will work on how to conduct a successful job search which, I can bet, is not typical of what you’ve most likely have tried before. We will work holistically on your career advancement and development. We will work on shifting your mindset with your approach to your career.

I am already in a senior level role. However, I’m feeling unfulfilled. Can you help me?

Absolutely! This program is for professional women who want to have a fulfilling career. For women who want to have an impact in their work. You will learn the key skills needed to help you find exactly what you are looking for. So, whether you want to completely transition into another career or move up in the same career but with a different organization, I'll help you do either one.

Who is this program best suited for?

This is suited for women at all levels in their professional careers. This is best suited for the woman who needs help navigating their way to senior level positions and leveling up professionally and personally so that they can make an impact with their work, feel fulfilled, support their financial goals, and have a career they love.

Is this program in person?

This program is all virtual. We meet in a private conferencing space. You will gain access to this space and will have the option to either join by your phone or by your computer. IF you want face-to-face sessions, we can discuss the logistics with this, as it will incur additional fees. In some cases, you can upgrade your program into a bootcamp where we meet locally over a weekend (2 days) and you will receive the same training in a shorter time span.

What if I still have questions?

Schedule your Free Consultation with me here. We can discuss all your questions about the program on the call.

Can I purchase this for someone else?

Absolutely you can. But here’s the caveat. THEY WILL HAVE TO WANT TO DO THIS. The process is the same. They will have to have their discovery call with me for me to determine if they are an ideal fit for the program. You absolutely can provide your payment information, however, the actual first steps and determination must come from and be demonstrated by the person being coached. They will have to want the coaching; not just because you want it for them.

How long is this program?

This program is a multi-week program that usually lasts approximately five to six months. But we'll go at a pace that is most comfortable for you. Because there are homework assignments, it is best to have one session every other week, so you can have the time to complete each assignment, ask questions, and take action.

I need a job now. Do you have an accelerated program?

Remember, there's a saying:The best time to look for a job, is when you don't NEED a job. This program is designed for women who are ready to transform their careers. They are not looking for just a job. They are looking for a fulfilling opportunity within their careers. Even with the bootcamp that we provide, there are additional sessions required to keep you on track, typically 2-4 additional sessions with actions to take.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. The coaching programs start at $3000 with a 25% Deposit and the balance can either be paid in full or made in up to 2-3 consecutive monthly payments.

What if I want coaching but don't have 10 weeks to commit?

That's perfectly fine. We can do an intensive. An intensive is the same program just at a faster pace or shorter duration and customized for your specific needs. This can be done typically over a 3-4 day intensive virtually (given the current social climate). OR we can work out a schedule that best suits your needs. Our intensives are typically a full day long. Please reach out to me to discuss rates.

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