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What is a Sage?

What is a Sage?

A sage is someone who has attained wisdom.

Why do I bring this to you? Does this sound way too random? Stay with me for a moment…

Our inner critic has a negative impact on how we perform. Choices and actions become limited by our inner critic. Over time, we become conditioned to only listen to and consult with our inner critic. She doesn’t always know what’s best. What she does know is what’s comfortable and safe. She’s here to preserve the status quo. And she speaks so often and so loudly that we mistake her for the voice of reason.

Reread that, please.

Let’s take this a step further because I truly want the best for you. I really do. Your inner critic limits your growth. And we’ve been talking about growth for some time now. Growth is the goal I have for my clients and the goal I have for you.

Growth is the goal these women have for themselves also, but achieving it can be difficult as they battle their inner critic, as I’m sure you do too. Hell, I do as well. BUT….

We have to learn how to identify her slick ways.

Here enters the Sage...

Your inner sage is your wisdom. It’s the space in you that is light and forgiving. It’s the space in you that holds your love, your desires, your goals, your infinite possibilities. The sage is your ‘deep down’. Your inner sage says things like… ‘Deep down, I know I’ll be alright.’ or ‘Deep down, I really want to end this relationship’ or ‘Deep down, I know I can do more than this.’

What’s your ‘deep down’ saying to you?

Here are 3 ways to identify the Inner Critic:

  1. The Inner Critic is LOUD and feels heavy.

  2. The Inner Critic keeps you safe and within the status quo

  3. The Inner Critic berates you and leaves you feeling sad

Here are 3 ways to identify your Sage:

  1. Your Sage speaks softly and is loving

  2. Your Sage feels light yet exciting

  3. Your Sage presents opportunities and possibilities

Your Sage is your Deep Down ‘Knowing’.

Your Inner Critic sits at the surface and picks memories and reasons and draws on external influences that may not necessarily be from or of you.

Start identifying the difference today. Think about something you want or want to do. What thoughts do you have around it?

Is that your sage or your inner critic?

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