• Jackie Mitchell

The Negotiation Secret


The Word that we run from. NO FEAR, I’ll hold your hand. Most of us are clueless when it comes to negotiation.

Here’s a secret…

Negotiation is the key to creating Win-Win Solutions. And creating Win-Win Solutions is a key part of being a B.A.W.S.E.


LISTEN. Listen to who you’re negotiating with. What do they want? What is their pain point? Also, what is that you want? What are you willing to give in order to get what you want? What solution can you bring to the negotiation that is a win for both parties?

Let’s say you’re negotiating working remotely. How would you go about doing this with a manager who seems hell bent on having your face ‘up in the place’?

Here’s how:

  1. Research any existing work from home policies in your company. If there isn’t anything explicit, ask around to other groups to find out if anyone is doing this in their teams and how they were approved.

  2. List out the benefits for both you AND your manager / company. You’ll want to ensure that there is little room for a hard ‘NO’.

  3. Propose a work from home/remote plan. Again, you want to make sure there is little room for a hard ‘NO’. Ask for a trial period for the next month. Plan on providing your manager with regular updates on your productivity. Start with a request for one or two days per week. Try not to choose a Monday and / Friday. The appearance of a remote Monday/Friday will seem as if you’re taking a long weekend. AVOID that at all costs. Tuesdays through Thursdays should be targeted first.

  4. Here’s your negotiating cookie...Take on additional responsibilities from your manager. What is it that they do not want to work on? Is it something that you can assist with? Let them know you can help by taking something off their plate

The key here is to find a negotiating ‘cookie’ that will serve both them AND you.

Make it a win for both of you. It doesn’t have to be huge. It can be very small but you have to make the perceived value large, meaning, something that’s a big win for them and something that doesn’t take too much away from you. You’ll never get 50/50 in negotiation but the trick is to make it such where no one is a ‘loser’ in the deal.

Reframe the thought of what you’re giving up, to ‘what am I gaining?’

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