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How to Stay Motivated Even When You Want to Quit

Do you ever feel like sometimes you just want to give up? Do you ever feel like you’re just going and going and not getting anything done? Do you ever feel like you have the ‘Monday’ blues every day of the week? Have you lost your motivation for your career?

We’ve all been there at one point or another. The key is not to stay ‘there’. Staying ‘there’ can lead to restlessness and maybe even despair in the worst cases. You may even begin to question things like your purpose or your value. You are not alone. Trust me. I meet women very often who lose or have lost their motivation to keep going. But they keep going. Somehow they do. You can too.

I don’t want you to just ‘somehow’ keep going. I want you to find your motivation again. I want you to thrive, not just survive on a daily basis. You deserve to live a purposeful and happy life. How can you do that?

Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated even when you feel like giving up:

Create Goals and Stick with them

Keep your career goals handy. Do you have a copy of your yearly goals from your previous performance review? Everything you do in your career, should map back to these goals. Remember, you’re striving to be an exceptional performer; a B.A.W.S.E.; a star; an above average employee. Everything you are doing in your career should map directly back to your short term OR long term goals. Having a clear roadmap helps to keep you on track and working towards something.

Remember your ‘Why’

Why did you start this journey? Why are you doing the things you do? Can you answer that specifically? If you cannot answer this question, then you may not be doing what you really want to do. When you can truly and honestly answer this question for yourself, you must keep that answer in the forefront of your mind. Your ‘Why’ will help you stay focused when you’re feeling unclear and unmotivated.

Define success & redefine failure

What does success look like to you? Are you celebrating your wins, no matter how big or small? Take a moment to write down what a success is for you. Only you can define success for yourself. Let’s look at what you consider failure. Is it really failure or is it a lesson? Are you being too hard on yourself? Are you letting ‘failure’ stop you in your tracks? Maybe the lesson is to move in a different direction. Take a hard look at success and ‘failure’ then define and redefine these in your own terms. Your motivation will come when you reframe, stop being hard on yourself, and celebrate your successes big or small.

Understand your value

What are your unique qualities that you bring to the table? What sets you apart from everyone else? What experiences, skills, passions, and impact do you have that adds to the value of your organization or those you around you? Remember who you are. Once you remember your value and what you bring to the table, there’s nothing anyone can say or do that would make you second guess yourself and your abilities. Know your value and own it. When you understand your value, your confidence is boosted and your motivation isn’t too far behind.

​Take time out for self care

Episode 4 of BenchTalk was dedicated the importance of self care. Are you taking time out to refuel, recharge, re-energize yourself? You need a moment or two to breathe and nourish your mind and body. Taking a holistic view on self care is vitally important to your well-being. Your motivation wanes when you are constantly running and running, never taking a moment to rebuild your energy and willpower. So take the necessary time you need to just sit and relax or move and build up your energy, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Working with a revived body and mind will help to keep you in the present moment without guilt of past events or ‘failures’ or worry about future events.

When you feel your motivation waning, take a step back and away from your day-to-day routine and begin a reflection exercise. Take a true time out for yourself, remember your ‘why’, celebrate your successes, and understand your value.

What’s your motivation statement? (What motivates you? What do you want and why do you want it?)

Fill in the blanks for yourself.

I want to __________________ so that I can _____________________ .

I’d love to hear what your motivation is.

Leave a comment below on what motivates you!

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