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New Year / New You Checklist: Top 5 Ways to Get ‘Dream Job Ready’

Hey lovelies!

It’s the last month of the year. People are winding down, taking stock of their accomplishments this year, and looking forward to next year. If one of your goals is to land that dream job or get closer to it, you can’t afford to sit around drinking eggnog and looking pretty. It’s not too late to prep for the next hiring season.

Here are my top 5 tips on getting dream-job-ready for next year!

Take inventory of your resume: it’s time to brush off that resume and give it a facelift. Do you have all the pertinent information highlighted? Are you conveying your value? Does your resume speak to what you’re looking for? Does your resume speak to what they’re looking for?

Visit your own LinkedIn profile: did you just copy & paste your resume into your profile? Do you even engage with the LinkedIn community? You may want to rethink your approach. Your profile should be an extension of your resume that tells a hiring manager who you are & give them a glimpse into your personality. (If you're having trouble with your LinkedIn profile, consider signing up for Profesh Society for tips and tricks on revamping your presence).

Get real with yourself: have you taken a look in the mirror? Have you really taken stock into what you really know and what you think you know? Do an assessment of your skills. What skills do you have that bring value to your next role. AND what are the skills required for your next role/dream job. Is there a gap? Write down where there are deficiencies and research ways to gain those new skills.

Be social: review your online professional presence. How are you represented online in your social media outlets. Are your personal accounts private? How much are you sharing? Is what you’re sharing hindering your career? The number one professional network today is LinkedIn. Use it wisely. On your other outlets, use them wisely. I’m assuming you have a LinkedIn in profile. If not: stop reading immediately. Go and create an optimized LinkedIn profile.

Be clear on what you want. Are you looking to advance your career by going after great opportunities OR are you running from your current situation. The answer to this will determine your next move and whether or not you’re successful in your endeavors. If you’re running from; really sit with yourself and ask why. Are the new opportunities really better or just better because they’re available? If you’re looking to advance your career; really KNOW what you want. Get specific. What are you trying to accomplish? What are your career goals? Does the new opportunities available, align to your goals? Either way, either clear on your why and your what.

I know I said 5 but here’s the bonus!

Get out & talk to people. Go to that Holiday party that you may be dreading, industry functions, lunch or dinner gatherings… You’d be surprised at what you’ll learn when folks are a little looser with information. Also, you never know who may know that key person you need to meet. Network and chat it up. Have fun while you’re at it.


Now is the time to get ready for the new opportunities that will be available in the New Year. Budgets are pretty much set for the new year. New projects will become available. New roles will be created. People will be promoted, positions will need to be backfilled.

Seize the moment if you’re serious about seeking out new opportunities that will propel you closer to your dreams or that will get you right there!


If this insight resonates with you and you want help to finally move the needle and advance your career, schedule your FREE Career Strategy Call HERE

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