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All or Nothing

All or nothing in this context means having all conditions ‘perfect’ before you begin. If ‘All’ conditions are not perfect, then you don’t begin to take action.

Tisk, tisk, tisk. Yes, I’m judging you… hard!

It's not all or nothing - get on those goals and career development strategies : PM Professor Blog

If this is your mantra or way of thinking, I will bet you that you are pretty much in the same position you were in a year ago, two years ago, or maybe even three years ago.

Getting tasks accomplished and moving towards your goals means looking at the big picture and determining how you can break each task down into smaller more manageable chunks.  You don’t have to wait until all conditions are perfect to move forward.

Breaking tasks down into smaller more manageable chunks makes life much easier AND saves some of your sanity.

No one ever gets anything accomplished with the ‘all or nothing mentality’.  It could be the smallest or simplest of things. But start with a list. Your list should consist of things that can be done independently of each other. These tasks shouldn’t last more than 1 day. If they do, break them down even more.

You may end up with a large list but your list will be manageable if you chunk it out and prioritize. 

How can you get things done?

By just starting. Period. There’s no secret.

No magic pill.

Just Start.



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