The 5 Second Rule and Me

Voices in my head

Yesterday I was struggling. Struggling to get my mind out of analysis paralysis and just 'do'. I would talk myself out of this thing that I know I need to do to get the results I want. I just keep talking myself out of it.


… until I was walking by a coworker and told them of this ‘thing’. He asked me if I’ve ever heard of the 5 Second Rule and if I’ve ever heard of Mel Robbins. My answer... No. What’s that?

Well let me tell you, we had a very enlightening conversation. Not only did I get clarity on getting out of analysis paralysis, I transferred this new-found motivation to the ‘something else’ that I’ve been procrastinating on, business actions that will get me closer to my goal.

Guess what? I took the action. I made the call. It wasn’t as scary and as nerve racking as I imagined; nothing ever is. But it was/is a drastic change and something that I’ve never done before. It was so worth it. (more on that in a future post or podcast)

We all get into those modes of second guessing for one thing or another. It happens to the best of us. So now on, my rule is 5 seconds. That’s it. I will physically move on the impulse before my brain shuts it down.

Here’s to you and physically moving towards that 'thing'.
And here’s to great new achievements in store!

(Here’s a link to Mel’s blog on the 5 sec rule. Sharing is caring)

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