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Resume Review & Assessment

In 45 minutes, I can show you exactly why you are stuck in your career and cannot make a change. I will show you what you must do to gain traction and get the interview!

This is for you if you are:

  • Tired of no job offers

  • Not sure why you are not getting calls for interviews

  • Unclear on why you are not getting anywhere in your job search

If any of these are you, and you want one on one time with me to know exactly what you need to do to change your circumstances, click below to learn more.

Get The Interview


Private Coaching

This exclusive multi-week program is for the ambitious professional woman who wants to finally get a blueprint and road map of what to specifically do in her career to finally get offers for higher paying positions, so that she can achieve her financial goals and have an impact in her work. I take only a limited number of one on one clients per month. This program takes you through a four step process to get to senior level roles, negotiate a higher salary, become more skilled, confident, and assertive in your career. 

This is for you if you are:

  • A high achiever but still doubting your abilities to get promoted to a senior level role

  • Nervous to even apply for a higher position because you think you don't meet all of the job requirements

  • Tired of sending out countless resumes and not getting any calls for interviews

  • Tired of countless interviews and no job offers

  • Uncomfortable negotiating a higher paying salary

  • Uncomfortable speaking with Executives

  • Lacking confidence due to rejection after rejection

  • Wanting to transition to a new career and unsure where to start

If any of these are you, and you want one on one time with me to work through your specific issues, click below to learn more.

The Career Climb

Membership Community

(Group Coaching)


For the professional woman who is working on career development and needs support navigating her way through it.  This community gets you  answers to roadblocks in your career. Finally, there's a community where you can go to for real life solutions to your very real career challenges from certified, knowledgeable, and qualified professionals. Join a community of women from all professional backgrounds who support, encourage, and empower each other. The Profesh Society is the perfect place if you are seeking a community of support. Our goal is to get you to your success.

 This is for you if you are:


  • In need of confidence boosters to give you the extra edge and energy needed to keep moving forward

  • A dynamic woman who is serious about her career development

  • Wanting community with other professionals to hold space for each other’s growth

  • Wanting a safe space to ask questions and get immediate answers and feedback to day to day issues that pop up and you're not sure how to address them

If any of these are you, click below to learn more.

Profesh Society 

Are you an ambitious professional woman

... wanting to get a higher paying position? 

... wanting to make an impact in your work?

... wanting a more senior level role?

... wanting to finally be able to achieve your financial goals?

  • Do you feel like you've tried everything and nothing seems to have worked for you?

  • Do you spend countless hours searching for ways to advance your career or get promoted?

  • Do you spend money on expensive vacations to get away from the stress of it all just to come back to the same issues you had before you left and nothing was fixed?

  • Do you finally want to get a leg up in your career and get out of that rut?

If you answered YES, you can choose which success style works for you best below:

Group Coaching in our Profesh Society OR work Directly with me, one-on-one to finally get you interviewing for senior level positions.

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