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C-Suite Success Society

Premium Career Mentoring Program

For Women Seeking More Senior Level Roles

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It's Time To Gain a Competitive Edge In Your Career

You're ready for a change in your career with a new higher level role and new responsibilties

You want to establish yourself as a sought after leader and expert in your field.

You've landed your ideal new role with great new responsibilities but afraid that you just don't know how to effectively build trust, credibility, and gain respect

Maybe You're Thinking To Yourself...

What if I my resume truly communicated my value and expert knowledge?

What if I knew how to communicate more effectively, build trust, and be seen as the top performer I am?

What if I had impact and influence to not only get to the next level but have continued success with strategy?

What if I had an expert to help make sure I have the tools, resources, and executive strategy I need to have that competitive edge?

You will have that and more with...

The C-Suite Success Society

A premium mentorship for early to mid-career professional women seeking support to get higher level roles, sustain credibility & trust, and have a roadmap for success for their careers.


Premium mentorship and guidance for each stage in your career.

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C-Suite Success Society Is Designed To Help You...

Finally move your career forward and position yourself for ongoing career success.


Strategically advance to more senior level roles with promotions or new opportunities.


Simplify negotiations to earn higher salaries even if you've never negotiated anything before.


Effectively communicate your needs and set healthy boundaries to prevent burnout and overwhelm.


Learn how to gain confidence, trust, and credibility 

It's Time To Own Your Career

Women are innately supportive and encouraging of each other. We are natural leaders.

While women in leadership positions are growing in numbers, our culture doesn’t offer us the tools we need to fully embrace our potential and overcome the many ways that imposter syndrome shows up for us and creeps into our lives. 


That’s why I've created C-Suite Success Society. To provide the premium tools, resources, and mentorship that builds your confidence muscle, helps you find your voice and your place, and develop skills to help you successfully navigate your career while designing a life you love.

Learn how to:

  • Gain a competitive edge in moving to the next level

  • Demonstrate your value with one strategic & simplified formula for your resume and professional online presence

  • Avoid mistakes so you interview successfully every time 

  • Simplify the negotiation process when you get the job offer

  • Strengthen your strategy to get a promotion WITH a raise

  • Develop a success plan to use year after year regardless of position, project, or responsibilities

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Your Career Journeys

Journey 1 Securing Your Next Career Opportunity :

  • Learn the key strategies for securing your next career opportunity.

  • Upgrade your resume, Interview like a boss, Negotiate your Salary without leaving thousands on the table.

Journey 1  Includes:

  • Optimize Your Resume For Success [VIDEOS and Templates)

  • How to Interview Successfully [VIDEO]

  • Upgrade your professional LinkedIn profile [VIDEO]

  • Simplified Salary Negotiations [VIDEO]


Journey 2 Promotions and Raises :

  • Learn the key strategies on getting a promotion AND a raise by strategically preparing for annual performance reviews

    • Even if your company doesn't have formal reviews, I show you how position yourself for a promotion and raise.

Journey 2  Includes:

  • Getting the Promotion [eBook] - learn how to advance to the next, higher paying level in your career

  • A step-by-step eBook with strategies, key action steps, and templates that take you through your year

  • A full calendar breakdown that guides you to prepare for Performance Reviews and salary conversation

Journey 3 Your First 90 Days :

  • Learn success strategies for planning for your new position, new project, or new responsibilities.

  • Your first 90 days sets the tone for your success for years to come.

Journey 3 Includes:

  • A 90 Day Plan [Workbook]

  • A step-by-step eBook with strategies, key action steps, and templates to help you build credibility FAST!

  • Goal and Objective setting workbooks to prepare for your first 90 days

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Enter your details below to get instant access to a peek inside C-Suite



  • [VIDEO] Know Your Value - access to my bonus lesson on negotiations and a boost for your confidence!

  • [VIDEO] Position Yourself for Success

  • [Worksheet] How to Handle Salary Pushback

  • [VIDEO] How to Embody Executive Presence: Debunking the Myths - Executive presence is not complex or only for a few. I'm teaching you how to show up boldly and embody the next level you seek


What Clients Are Saying...

[I have] more confidence in career navigation, a better sense of professional goals, and a career that is more aligned [with] my career path. It was a dynamic experience. Jackie helped provide a new lens into my professional vision to help me identify what I'm capable of achieving. 

—  Courtney T. | Campus Manager

I now have more confidence in myself and my capabilities  and I feel confident about my resume. I also feel more confident going on a job interview.

- Dhanha B. | Education Professional

C-Suite Is Not For Everyone

This is for you if...

This is for the early to mid career professional women who:


... want to land their ideal next role.


... want a strategic edge in getting a significant promotion and raise.

... want to be successful in the first 90 days in any new role so that they are fully prepared with the tools and skills required to advance in their career.


... who feel undervalued and overworked and are ready to find a more fulfilling and satisfying career opportunity.

... who need the support and guidance to reach their goals more quickly without the trial and error, stress and overwhelm of not knowing where to begin and how to begin.

... need the tools to help them prepare for and sustain success with the support of a mentor and community.

... just want more career satisfaction & ready to invest in your career for real results

This isn't for you if...

... you need private one-on-one access to coaching & guidance to achieve success

... you're not ready to use the tools and resources needed to move the needle on your success

... want a resume writer to do all the work for you

... you collect all the online courses and do nothing with them then complain that nothing works

... you are not willing to invest in your career for real results

Meet Your Mentor & Coach, Jackie Mitchell


My passion is to help others succeed. Specifically professional women who are trying to navigate their careers and are having a hard time because they don't know what they don't know.  I once was her.  She was me!  

When I began to achieve my goals and ascend higher and higher as an IT Project Manager and ultimately an Executive IT Consultant, I knew I had to help other women do the same.

I approach mentorship and coaching from a different standpoint from what you may see out there. 


I have been in the field, down in the trenches, have been a hiring manager, have sat at the tables with executives in key decision making meetings that would make or break a career.


I've led multi-million dollar merger and acquisition integrations as a key contributer to CxOs, working alongside them. 


My experience is as someone who literally has excelled in the role, created roles, and hired for others to work on my teams.

So when it comes to KNOWING EXACTLY what the top executives do to be strategic and what they look for in those who they give attention to, I can give you the strategies and tools that work to advance your career.


Googling all the things… Reading all the books… Attending company led and sponsored lunch ‘n learns… Talking aimlessly to your boss… Getting more certifications… Sitting in on all the webinars… Hiring a resume writer… Getting advice from friends, colleagues, and your nail tech still has not gotten you to where you want to be. 


When I wanted to take my consulting career to the next level, I partnered with a C-level executive who mentored me and showed me how to negotiate higher billable rates.


When I wanted to take my business to the next level, I invested in myself and hired a professional business coach. 


When I wanted to sculpt my body and get off the dieting roller coaster, I invested in myself and hired a fitness coach whose body is her walking marketing campaign.


And when I needed new professional photos done, I invested in myself and hired a professional photographer who made me feel like a million dollar supermodel. 

When I need expert help, I go to an expert. 


Seeking help isn’t weak. Investing in yourself isn’t unjustified wasted money.


What is it actually costing you (the actual $$ figure) year-after-year to stay stuck and put up with your career challenges? 


The C-Suite Success Society is like having your personal career coach and mentor in your back pocket. You don’t have to continue your endless and scattered googling.


Get access to specific key strategies, created for you so that you can move your career forward, own it, get in the driver's seat, and join me as your expert mentor with the insider secrets to being a successful professional. 

What Clients Are Saying...

I had the confidence to take on a new role, I leveled up my professionalism quickly, I was also able to understand myself better, learn how to set personal and professional goals, and move past insecurity to achieve the level of success I'm looking for.

Teresha R., Learning & Development Specialist

If you have additional questions before you enroll and would like to get on a quick 15 minute call with me so I may answer ALL of your questions about C-Suite Success Society, please click the button below

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