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'The C-Suite Success Network’


The C-Suite is a network for professional women who are determined to be successful in their lives and in their careers. 

C-Suite is a success network providing professional performance and success coaching, mentoring, support, and connection with like-minded women at all levels in their careers and lives.

The C-Suite Success Network is a safe space for you to do the real work that matters and that transforms your life.

This is not the typical networking community:

Our Success Network is a space that holds no judgement for those seeking to achieve and maintain success, strengthen their soft skills, connect with other professional women on a success journey of their own.

With your C-Suite membership, you get:

Direct access to experienced career and life coach Jackie Mitchell

Monthly courses and master classes teaching skills needed

to build leadership and career advancement

A community of highly ambitious professional women to network with, share best practices, and support each other in a safe space

outside the traditional work setting

Supplementary lessons and question answered from a

hand-selected board of industry expert mentors

Career guides, resources, and downloads on a variety of topics

Exclusive Discount on personal coaching services

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The C-Suite is about you being empowered to be the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, & CIO of your entire life

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