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Are you...

looking for career mentoring and premium career development resources that boosts your confidence and supports your success within a safe and empowering space designed by a women for the unique needs of women without the filler and fluff?

Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting Group Coaching C-Suite Success Network

Who is this for?

Woman who are top performers and high achievers yet feel stuck in their current role.

Women who feel undervalued and overworked and are ready to find a more fulfilling and satisfying career opportunity.

Women who need the support and guidance to reach their goals more quickly without the trial and error, stress and overwhelm of not knowing where to begin and how to begin.

Women need the tools to help them prepare for and sustain success with the support of a mentor and community.

Women who just want more career satisfaction!

  1. Access to speak directly with coaches, mentors, and other guest professionals

  2. Specially curated premium resources specifically designed to help you succeed in every level of your career

  3. Personal and professional development that meets you where you are

  4. A Professional and Safe Community to help you grow and work through your career challenges with the support of coaches and other professionals just like yourself

Where does your journey begin?

Own Your Career

Women are innately supportive and encouraging of each other. We are natural leaders. While women in leadership positions are growing in numbers, our culture doesn’t offer us the tools we need to fully embrace our potential and combat imposter syndrome. 


That’s why we've created the Success Society- to provide the premium tools and resources that builds your confidence muscle, helps you find your voice and your place, and develop skills to help you successfully navigate your career while designing a life you love.

Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting Group Coaching C-Suite Success Network
Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting Group Coaching C-Suite Success Network | Mentorship | Project Management

Learn to confidently and effectively communicate your needs and develop skills to meet and exceed your career goals.

More confidence in career navigation; a better sense of professional goals; & a career that is more with my career path. 

Courtney T., Campus Manager

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Meeting Room Business

I had the confidence to take on a new role, I leveled up my professionalism quickly, I was also able to understand myself better, learn how to set personal and professional goals, and move past insecurity to achieve the level of success I'm looking for.

Teresha R., Learning & Development Specialist

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