C-Suite Success Network:

Empowering women with confidence, grace and assertive leadership skills in all areas of their lives.

Being a CEO doesn’t end

at the front door of your business.

The leadership, confidence and relationship building skills you learn through your work with the C-Suite Success Network serves you in living your most successful life in and out of the office.

C-Suite is a success network created

by and for women passionate about thriving in successful lives and careers.



  • Career & Life Coaching

  • Master Classes & Workshops

  • Networking & support

  • Video courses

  • Expert panels

  • Mentorship


C-Suite Success Network opens  to you in a few short weeks.  We have monthly workshops and master classes that assist you on your path to fully embodying your role as the CEO of your life. You have access to a built-in network of like-minded women who lean on and encourage each other, sharing wins and challenges, all in a safe and fully supportive environment.

As an introduction into C-Suite Success Network we’re starting with a virtual summit that you can attend from the comfort of your own home: 


Pushing the Boundaries of No:

A Summit on Leading With Authenticity 


This summit is an introduction to what C-Suite has to offer; a lineup of amazing women in leadership roles who are open and giving, and want to support you by sharing their knowledge and experience with you. The best part is... some of these women serve as C-Suite Mentors in our community.

In the summit, our hand-selected panel of women share valuable insights from their own experience as leaders on how to set boundaries in your life and your profession that help you reach your full potential. 


Your summit pass is included with your C-Suite membership.

Invest in your personal development.
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Invest in becoming the
your own beautiful life.

C-Suite changes the way women network.

Women are innately supportive and encouraging of each other. We are natural leaders. While women in leadership positions are growing in numbers, our culture doesn’t offer us the tools we need to fully embrace our potential. 


That’s why we've created the C-Suite Success Network—providing the tools that empower women to empower each other. 

Why join the C-Suite Success Network?


  • C-Suite offers a unique combination of:

    • Access to training from a certified career development and life coach (Jackie Mitchell);

    • Mentorship and workshops with curated panels of women in leadership roles (Suite Mentors); and 

    • A supportive community of like-minded women who all share a common goal—to create a more successful, fulfilling life.


  • Think of C-Suite like the VIP section for successful women who are ready to become stronger leaders in their personal and professional lives.


  • We provide a one-of-a-kind safe, supportive environment with expert coaching for women who want to improve their success as leaders, mothers, partners and women.


Join the growing list of women who are excited for the opening of C-Suite. Sign up here and become a valuable part of our C-Suite Success Network. 

What your C-Suite membership includes:


  • Jackie’s signature method for helping you define your assets, your opportunities for growth, and a plan for getting where you want to be in your career—structured in an on-demand platform you can access on your own time.

  • Expert advice and group sessions with Career Development and Life Coach, Jackie Mitchell

  • Support and guidance from experts in leadership positions who candidly share from their own experience on a variety of topics (leadership, communication, finance, wellness, negotiations, relationship building, etc.)

  • On-demand training resources with practical exercises that will help you build and master skills for the success you desire

  • Master classes that provide leadership training and career advancement skills

  • Questions answered and mentoring from Jackie and other leadership experts

  • Networking and support of like-minded women who are all working to improve their leadership and successful work-life balance skills together

  • A safe space created specifically for women to talk about their challenges, wins and best practices outside the traditional work environment

  • Access to supporting training materials, such as: 

    • Informative videos

    • Resources and downloads that contain actionable, practical exercises for putting your newly learned skills into practice in everyday life—at work and at home

  • Free access anytime to recorded summits and any support materials

  • Exclusive discounts on personal coaching services with Jackie

As a C-Suite member, you:


Work at your own pace with Jackie’s signature Success Course for C-Suite Members, which helps you build more satisfaction and success into your career


Build confidence and leadership skills that serve you in any career or life experience


Have access to accountability coaches and partners who help you define and reach your goals


Create authentic connections with other women who care about your success while they work toward their own

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