Resume Coaching

  • 45 minutes
  • 97 US dollars
  • Virtual

Resume Coaching Session Let me help you take the overwhelm out of updating your resume. It's not as difficult as others may have you believe. Your resume must fundamentally do the following: Get them to KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST YOU. Even if you're starting with a resume that you've not touched in years, your coach will show you what is needed to get your resume ready to put in the hands of hiring managers. To do this effectively, your resume must STRATEGICALLY answer the following 2 questions for any hiring manager: 1. Who are you? 2. How can you solve my problem? Book your session with me, send me your resume, and I'll review and assess your resume. In our session we'll review my professional recommendations for your resume and by the end of our session, you will know how to get interest from the right companies for you, how to convey your value and show the hiring manager how you can solve their problem. *Please note that this is not a resume writing service. You must have an existing resume. It will be reviewed, and marked up with suggestions and tips on how you need to update your resume for success.

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