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As a career coach, this is what I hear frequently:

"There are no jobs out there."

"I've applied everywhere!" 

"I just don't have what they're looking for."

"No one is calling me back."

Is this you? I can help turn this around. How? By showing you how your resume is working against you. More importantly, learn what you must do immediately make your resume work FOR you.


Let me, your career coach, help you quickly get the results you expect & deserve in your job search.

Rescue your resume with a thorough assessment and evaluation of what the real problem is. 


Start by filling out a brief assessment, upload your resume, and then let's chat. I'll walk you through what you must do to fix your resume so that you can get the attention of the hiring manager and begin to get calls for interviews!

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  • successfully get your resume into the hands of the right decision makers

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