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The 'Prep Talk' Series

Welcome to September!

September signifies the end of summer and rolls us into the end of the year. Many of us use this time to finish out projects that we started this year and move feverishly towards goals that we set at the beginning of the year, be it a resolution or the sort.

But how many of us use this time to prepare for the upcoming professional year? You know... the dreaded performance review most companies schedule at the end of the first quarter in a calendar year.

It doesn't have to be dreaded. Negotiations don't have to be dreaded. The 'Talk' does not have to be one sided and you do not have to accept whatever is given and/or said.

I'm here to empower each and every one of you! That's my mission.

And with that....

I'm excited to share with you our September Prep Talk Series. In this series, every sunday during the month of September, I will be giving you details on how to prepare not only for your performance review, but for salary negotiations, and interviews. I'm giving you the skills you need to prepare for these events in your professional career.

To stay ahead of the curve and in the driver's seat of your career, you're going to need specific tools. And I have them for you.

Here's the lineup for September's 'Prep Talks':

  1. Preparing for your Performance Review

  2. Preparing for Salary Negotiations and pushback

  3. Preparing for Interviews (the RIGHT way)

What you'll learn:

Performance Review:

  • You'll learn how what it will take to ensure you get a raise and/or promotion in your next performance review. Even if your review is just 6 months out and you need to get your sh!t together, I'll show you how to quickly turn things around and be proactive to get the results you deserve.

Preparing for Salary Negotiations:

  • You'll learn not only why it's important to negotiate for your salary but how to do it effectively. Women on average earn 81 cents for every dollar men earn. Let's work to change that. Let's go in there asking for what we're worth instead of trying to play catch up with every yearly review. I'll show you how to speak up for yourself and get the salary you desire.

Preparing for the Interview:

  • You'll learn how to take control of the interview and become the interviewer. This way, you'll walk away knowing absolutely everything you need to know so that you can make an informed decision on whether to accept the job offer. Most people interview to get the job. I show you how to interview so you'll be happy and stay in the job. There's a HUGE difference and I'm explaining some key tips you've probably have never heard of or used before. And they work!

Each lesson that I’m sharing with you is the exact lesson our C-Suite Success Network members receive with their membership and I’m giving you a preview of each.

So much good stuff in store for you! Check back every Sunday this month for the Prep Talk Series here in our blog!

See you back here next Sunday when we begin with Lesson #1 - Preparing for your Performance Review.

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