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For Managers: 5 Work From Home Tips for Successful Team Collaboration

Hey managers!!! I'm talking to you in this one. Are you leading a team that's all working remotely? Are you new to this? Is your team new to this? Here are a few success tips to help you collaborate with your team to the fullest when you're all working from home or from anywhere!

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This quick morning check-in with your team is key to setting them up for success.

It should be 15 minutes tops, before 10 AM.

This is a focused call where everyone talks about

four things only:

What they worked on yesterday?

What they are working on today?

What they are working on tomorrow?

Any roadblocks to getting their work done?


Be consistent in your managerial style.

Instead of micro-managing, trust your team,

and verify their productivity.

Your daily "stand up" meetings and any deliverables they have are your verification.

Let your team the space to do their work.


Your team needs to continue to feel connected to you and that they can still come to you and vice versa.

No matter how busy you are,

carve out about 2 hours a day

(everyday or a few days per week)

that your digital door is open for office hours.

Set the expectation for your time while giving your team regular access to your for any help they may need.


Let's say the VP calls for a quick team call, you and your whole team should be dressed for Zoom.

Stay ready, and you don't have to get ready.

This doesn't mean sitting around at home in your

business-best, but a simple top, one you would wear

on a casual Friday is perfect.

And please make sure you're in shorts or pants! If you have to stand up or move on your call, you don't want to give any one a show!


Just because your team is at home does not mean that you can schedule work or meeting

at all hours, early or late.

Stick to your your usual schedule.

Be mindful that your team may be dealing with children at home and other non-work responsibilities and may not be available for meeting outside of normal working hours.


Now go forth and be SUCCESSFUL...

Remember, working from home does not have to be difficult. If you're new to it, it does take time to adjust but you can do it! With a little common sense, accountability, professionalism, and flexibility, you can do this!

You can watch me give you these tips and more here.

Click HERE to download these tips and post them in your working space


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