Are you in the C-Suite in your Life? (Part 5 - CMO)

In this Five part series, I give you tips on identifying where you are in owning each role as the executive of your life and stepping into each role authentically. In part 5, we're talking Chief Marketing Officer. You! Your Brand. How you show up in the world. What are others saying about you? What is your reputation? How do others see you? How do you see yourself?

I believe a CMO is someone who not only understands the importance of a personal brand, she/they know how to strategize for the purpose of showing value in everything they undertake and participate in.

They take control of their narrative and let no one write it for them.

Are you her/them?

Let's start with Part 5: The CMO

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

  • You ARE the CMO of your LIFE. Time to shine!

  • A CMO knows her/their worth, controls the story of her/their experience and accomplishments, and shares who she/they are with confidence.

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