Are you in the C-Suite in your Life? (Part 4 - CIO)

In this Five part series, I give you tips on identifying where you are in owning each role as the executive of your life and stepping into each role authentically. In part 4, we're talking Chief Information Officer. Information... i.e. Knowledge, Development, Research, Understanding, Education... yes, all of it. How are you seeking to improve your position? What types of books are you reading? ARE you reading books, listening to podcasts, signing up for classes, mentorship, coaching, and personal development?

I believe a CIO is someone who not only gathers information, she/they puts that information to use! They seek knowledge and understanding. They take it all in and use what's best for their success and growth. The CIO is innovative and lives on purpose.

Are you her/them?

Let's start with Part 4: The CIO

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

  • You ARE the CIO of your LIFE. Gather the info!

  • A CIO in at the forefront of her industry and knows how to INNOVATE! She seeks out the resources that will take her to the next level and is a pioneer among her peers.

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