Are you in the C-Suite in your Life? (Part 3 - CFO)

In this Five part series, I will give you tips on how to identify where you are in owning each role and stepping into each role.

I believe a CFO is someone who has a healthy relationship with money and finances. She/They embraces investments over spending. They make rational decisions when it comes to money matters. They see the bigger picture and understands that money is a tool used to help make things happen.

Are you her/them?

Let's start with Part 3: The CFO

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

  • You ARE the CFO of your LIFE. Invest in yourself!

  • A CFO invests in herself and is serious about her return on investments!

  • She understands her worth and the kind of lifestyle that she wants to live and makes the strategic money moves to get there.

Be the CFO of your LIfe | JMCC

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