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Are you in the C-Suite in your Life? (Part 3 - CFO)

In this Five part series, I give you tips on identifying where you are in owning each role as the executive of your life and stepping into each role authentically. In part 3, we're talking Chief Finanical Officer. Money Honey! Yes, Money. How are you handling your finances? Are you avoiding looking at your bank account? Do you have a portfolio? Are you investing in yourself, for your success and your family's success? Are you living the lifestyle you deserve?

I believe a CFO is someone who has a healthy relationship with money and finances. She/They embraces investments over spending. She/They make rational decisions when it comes to money matters. They see the bigger picture and understands that money is a tool used to help make things happen. They have a financial goal in mind and make decisions that align with those goals and values. They take ownership and responsibility over their finances.

Are you her/them?

Let's start with Part 3: The CFO

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

  • You ARE the CFO of your LIFE. Invest in yourself!

  • A CFO invests in herself and is serious about her return on investments!

  • She understands her worth and the kind of lifestyle that she wants to live and makes the strategic money moves to get there.

Be the CFO of your LIfe | Jackie Mitchell Career Consulting

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