Are you in the C-Suite in your Life? (Part 2 - COO)

In this Five part series, I give you tips on identifying where you are in owning each role as the executive of your life and stepping into each role authentically. In part 2, we're talking Chief Operating Officer. How are you taking actions that are progressing you towards your goals? Are you spinning your wheels and not going anywhere? Are you living by default? Are you taking actions that are yeilding you the results you want?

I believe a COO is someone who makes thing happen and gets things done. She/They embraces progress and intentional action. They see the bigger picture and keep their mission and goals top of mind when taking action. They don't just do, to be doing. They do, with a goal in mind. They are INTENTIONAL! They take action when it makes sense and when it is purposeful. She/They puts their plan into action. They plan the work and work the plan.

Are you her/them?

Part 2: The COO

COO (Chief Operations Officer)

You ARE the COO of your LIFE. Take ACTION!

  • A COO gets things done, no matter what.

  • She understands the goals to be accomplished and the inner workings of the process to get from her point A to her point B.

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