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Are you in the C-Suite in your Life? (Part 1 - CEO)

When you start putting yourself first and valuing yourself, you begin to understand your worth. You begin to move into being the true CEO of your life. Take control of your life by holding yourself responsible and accountable for everything you do and don't do.

In this Five part series, I give you tips on identifying where you are in owning each role as the executive of your life and stepping into each role authentically. In part 1, we're talking Chief Executive Officer. Take control. Take the lead. Leave behind the victim mentality. Look toward what you want and where you want to be. Begin building your confidence and competence. You're responsible for your life and choices. YOU have choices.

Move towards taking the lead and back away from living by default.

I believe a true CEO is someone who embodies and embraces continuous change, improvement, and growth. They are someone in recognizing value in others and themselves. They are someone who advocates for their own worth.

Are you her/them?

Every successful business has someone who leads each aspect of the business. Why don't you? Model successful patterns. Bring this into your life experience. The same effort and drive you put into your career for someone else's dream, is the same effort you could use in your own life to help propel you forward. Embody each role as the executive of your life and take control.

What's the first step in being successful? Take a leadership role in every aspect of your life and move in circles where you're supported and encouraged on your journey. Move in circles where you're feeling empowered.

I want to share with you the different aspects and viewpoints of leadership and help you apply this to your life and your journey.

In this Five part series, I am giving you an introduction into the C-Suite with tips on how to identify where you are in owning each role and stepping into each role.

Let's start with Part 1: The CEO

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

YOU are the CEO of your LIFE. Own it!

  • A CEO is the leader and the BOSS!

  • She/They knows who she is and is unafraid to make the major strategic decisions that bring success & growth.

Do you know how to pivot and change paths without moving backward? Are you deliberate & intentional with your career moves and life choices?
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