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Who Does She Think She Is?

Who am I? Do you even know how to answer this question?

Can you answer this question without relating it to what you do and who you’re responsible for or who’s dependent on you? Ask a man and you probably won’t hear, father, husband, brother, or friend. They’re more prone to tell you what they do for a living with much conviction. Women… I’m speaking specifically to you, now.

Who are you? I’ve come to know that most of the women I help cannot answer this question; for whatever reason, they just cannot. And a lot of times, this is the root cause of most of their challenges they’re seeking to work through with me. I in turn challenge them to answer that question without telling me who they care for and what they do.

Who are you?

Once you know who you are, you reduce the struggles you have with yourself and with other people. Let’s look at it this way…

Amy is having trouble speaking up for herself at work. She’s passed up for promotions or great projects because she lacks confidence. She lacks confidence because she’s not sure if she can do the job as well as others. She compares herself to other people. She’s uber-critical of herself. She’s easily swayed into believing what others say and think about her. Amy doesn’t know herself. Amy cannot answer the most fundamental question of ‘who am I?’

Amy will have had to do some introspection. Amy will have to finish this sentence…

“I am ____________.”

Can you finish that sentence?

I am bold.

I am anxious.

I am confident.

I am an introvert who operates as an extrovert daily.

I am an empath.

I am goal driven.

I am responsible.

I am a go getter.

I am a planner.

I am audacious.

I am a smart ass.

I am analytical.

I am creative.

I am love.

I am full of life.

I am a risk taker.

I am grateful.

I am spiritual.

I am soulful.

I am passionate.

And because I know exactly all of this,

I am.

Until you know who you are, 'I am.' could never be complete sentence. Take stock. Who are you today? You’re still growing and learning. You’ll find that the answer to the ”Who am I” question will change over time. The point is to identify and discover you, right where you are.

When you know who you are, your decisions will be easier to make; your choices will seem less complicated; your confidence will become steady; people won’t be able to knock you off your game; you’ll be less intimidated; you’ll go after what you want with certainty and unshakable faith.

When you know who you are, your world opens up.


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