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Giving up or Letting go: What's the difference?

Do you know the difference?

Giving up is calling it quits when you forget why you started in the first place. It's throwing in the towel without trying. It's not learning. It's marred in frustration. It's sometimes making a huge mistake right before your breakthrough.

Letting go is different:

Letting go is when you give it everything you have. Your soul can't do any more. You are not running from or to anything. You have listened to your inner self in peace. The key here, listening & being still in peace, not chaos. Then making a rational informed decision. Not a spur of the moment reaction because a situation came up or because you're doing something in a way that may not be the best way to move forward and you don't step back to reassess.

Letting go comes after you have searched deep within and have come to the realization that this 'thing' that you're doing no longer serves you nor does it align with who you are. You learn a valuable lesson. You learn about who you are.

In my opinion, there's a huge difference with giving up & letting go. For me, it boils down to feelings. How do I feel when I'm making the decision. Is it coming from a place of chaos and I'm making a permanent decision from a temporary situation? OR, have I given it careful and thoughtful processing when I'm in a place of reflection and calm?

Think about it.

Reassess; Restart; Reboot

Are you giving up or letting go?


Don't give up!


You got this!


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