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Woe is Me - a Project Manager's thoughts

Every Project Manager goes through this. There is a moment in every day where we question just one thing: (well a few things)

What would possess me to choose this profession?

I'm a project manager. Why did I choose this career again? : PM Professor Blog

What was I thinking?

Although most won’t admit it, I will. It doesn’t matter how seasoned you are, we all question our choice of profession during that intense moment. The moment I’m speaking of comes when you are in the middle of planning and over the office comes a wrench. Moments later, another wrench. It hits you square in your forehead. Not just any wrench, but the wrench that makes you scrap your plans and either start over or end up in a place that looks nothing like where you thought you would be.

BUT IT’S OK. We quietly ask ourselves...

“What the heck”?

The good news is that every great PM will take that moment and fly!!!

Our ‘Woe is me’ moments usually turns us into this driven and targeted planner, a doer, a go-getter, a go out and communicate -’or’.

A good PM is either at their best or their worst in those moments.

A Great PM expects this moment and has planned for the wrenches over the 'officle' wall. They may not like it, but they know that it is what makes them worth their salt.

How well do you ‘ACT’ under fire?

Gracefully, on the outside. Your team is always watching!
My Woe is me moments… well, I can say that I have learned to expect them and put them in perspective. I look at it this way: if you are not having “Woe is Me’ moments, you’re probably not putting your training and skills to its fullest use.

These moments keep you on your toes. I still question, and ask, ‘what was I thinking’ then I go into my PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) mode! …

Because I secretly love the challenge!!!!


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