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B.A.W.S.E. Up Your Confidence

Very early in my career, I lacked confidence in myself and my skills - and it showed. If it weren’t for a very insightful woman who saw in me what I knew I had but just didn’t know how to show it, I’m not sure if I’d here, owning my businesses and talking to 'stangers'. But I am. And I’m here. And you can get there too.

One of my favorite techniques that I teach to boost your confidence for your career is my unique B.A.W.S.E framework.

That methodology looks like this:


Here are a few tips on confidence boosters that I use with my clients using the B.A.W.S.E method:

1. Stand Tall.

Yes, it’s just that simple. Your mom always told you to stand up straight and not slouch. Well, I’m telling you the same thing. Your posture says a lot about you. Along with your appearance, people will automatically judge you based on your posture. A confident person has their head held high, their back straight, and they speak with conviction, look people in the eyes, and project their voice (only when in a group setting).

2. Be Competent.

Competence: the ability to do something successfully or efficiently; your capability. What’s your competency in the skills you currently have? How do you gain competence? By study & practice. There’s no magic pill here. If you want to be better at something, study it and practice it. Think about how you feel when you’ve mastered a skill. Great right? How do you feel when you’re talking about your ability to accomplish tasks with said skill, great right? See where I’m going here??

3. Write it out.

Write down everything that you do and do well. You heard me correctly. Write it down. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we’ve done & what we know. Create a personal ‘brag bank’, if you will. (I have to thank Danielle Leslie for that terminology.) What are your accomplishments? When you have it written down on paper, you’re more prone to let it soak in that you are truly a badass and you have an arsenal of skills that may be transferable. Writing your own bio helps too.

4. Shift your Focus & Reframe.

All that negativity… let’s change that. Try to re-frame and re-think things. All isn’t doom and gloom. I’m sure you can find the silver lining and the positive point of view in situations. Negative Noelle never feels confident if she’s focused on negative thoughts and actions. Are you around people who complain all the time? You may want to revisit the amount of time you’re exposed to them. Misery loves company and you don’t have time for that kind of company. Your company is positive thinking and positive people who help you feel good about yourself and others.

5. Be a Problem Solver.

Come to the table with solutions. Come prepared with solutions for your own problems and for others. Focus on solutions. Begin using your problem solving skills to present solutions. Doesn’t it feel good to be an asset rather than a liability? This can be one of the best things you can do in and for your career!

There you have it!

5 quick tips that will help boost your confidence level. Work on doing each one and work on yourself. Seek a mentor or someone who will be your cheerleader, support system, and accountability partner. At JMCC, I’m in the business of career development and advancement and I know that your confidence can make or break your career.

Make sure that you actively work to keep your confidence high.

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