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Are you..

on a trajectory to higher level positions and need help to get to the next level and overcome your existing challenges?

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What is Performance Coaching?

BESPOKE coaching tailored to YOUR unique needs.

Private one-on-one 4 month coaching TAILORED to your unique goals and challenges to IMPROVE your PERFORMANCE so that you can achieve increased success, satisfaction, and have a major impact in your organization.

Who is this for?

Mid career professional women who do not have the SUPPORT, RESOURCES, and GUIDANCE within their current company to address their specific challenges and common career issues such as:

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Breaking into the next level of your career

  • Decision making & Leadership skills

  • Executive presence

  • Working with your current manager & managing up

  • Getting noticed for your accomplishments

  • New manager syndrome and building credibility

  • Work / Life balance

  • Creating a strategic career path & plan

  • Transitioning into a higher level role and doubting your abilities to perform

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This isn't for you if...

... you're solely focused on a job search

... you're new in your career or just entering the workforce

... you're not aspiring to higher level roles and salaries

... you don't know which direction you want for your career 

... you're not ready to do the work on your mindset, take accountability, and be responsible for your growth and trasnformation

... you're not committed to your growth and transformation

The Process...

  • Identify strategic career advancing solutions to your UNIQUE challenges and issues

  • Identify areas of OPPORTUNITY in your professional life

  • Guide you in performing at top peek with efficiency by using STRATEGIES top Executives effectively use to communicate, build relationships with influence, and create win-win solutions

  • Maintain your SUCCESS with a tailored roadmap and career development plan

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The Results...

  • Use the EXECUTIVE FRAMEWORK for the fastest route to performance success

  • Perform more EFFICIENTLY


  • Leadership SKILLS

  • TOOLS to address imposter syndrome

  • Remove the overwhelm of being a TOP PERFORMER

  • Effectively and efficiently create an ACTION PLAN that align specifically to your goals and performance outcomes

  • Position yourself for PROMOTIONS by strategizing to the efficacy of your performance without increasing stress

  • Set BOUNDARIES for success

  • Have a COMPETITIVE EDGE in the workplace

... to take the FIRST STEP in boosting your Career Performance and have a competitive edge in the workplace so that you can achieve higher levels of success, achieve your strategic goals, and work at a more efficient level?

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Courtney T., Campus Manager

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I had the confidence to take on a new role, I leveled up my professionalism quickly, I was also able to understand myself better, learn how to set personal and professional goals, and move past insecurity to achieve the level of success I'm looking for.

Teresha R., Learning & Development Specialist

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