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Leadership Roles & Upleveling Your Career.  

Why you are not getting the roles you want. 

Why you are not gettig the promotion you want.

Why you are not getting the raise you want.

Get a look inside one of my lively unfiltered livestream I held with my private group of High Achievers.

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About Career & Life Coach, Jackie Mitchell


As a Career and Life Coach, Jackie helps to transform her clients into the confident, courageous, boldly effective communicators who exceed their goals and change the trajectory of their lives on a personal and professional level.

Her clients start with the inner work to help move past limits and uncover the root of what's been holding them back.

If you want to uncover the REAL reason you're not getting where you want, not feeling satisfied, and not achieving your stretch goals, Jackie can help you get there and hold you accountable along the way.

[I have] more confidence in career navigation, a better sense of professional goals, and a career that is more aligned [with] my career path. It was a dynamic experience. Jackie helped provide a new lens into my professional vision to help me identify what I'm capable of achieving. 

—  Courtney T. | AVP of Program Services 

I had the confidence to take on a new role, I leveled up my professionalism quickly, I was also able to understand myself better, learn how to set personal and professional goals, and move past insecurity to achieve the level of success I'm looking for - all in 10 sessions!


Jackie is a kind, very intelligent woman. She speaks with so much knowledge but also keeps it real with you. She has a way of connecting with her clients in a way that is specific to their needs and she shares stories that allow you to gain perspective on your own life. It was a pleasure working with her. I would work with her again in a heartbeat! 

—  Teresha R. |Program Manager L&D 

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