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Jan 14, 2024 - Jul 21, 2024

ElevateHer Leadership Journey - $4K HOLIDAY

SAVE $5K LIMITED TIME ONLY - $4,000 INVESTMENT WITH 2 PAYMENT OPTIONS AT NO ADD'L COST 1) PAY IN FULL $4000 2) 4 PAYMENTS OF $1000/MONTH 3) 5 PAYMENTS OF $800/MONTH NEXT COHORT BEGINS JANUARY 2024. SAVE YOUR SPACE TODAY. The ElevateHER Career Journey Program is a comprehensive woman focused, six-month leadership development initiative that centers on elevating performance through strategic leadership coaching. We cover a broad spectrum of vital leadership competencies, including strategic thinking, effective communication, team leadership, and authentic leadership.

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Employer Sponsorship?

We do offer employer-paid sponsorships.

We made it easier for you by providing you with a template to present to your employer.


JMCC will bill your employer directly, simplifying the process and making it easier for you to participate in the program while your employer invests in your leadership development. To make it easy for you, we’ve created an Employer Request Form Template for you to fill out and present to your employer.


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