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Apr 16, 2024 - Oct 27, 2024

ElevateHer Leadership Journey

INVESTMENT OF $9000 *** SAVE $1800 When Paid In FULL *** CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT OPTION The ElevateHER Career Journey Program is a comprehensive woman focused, six-month leadership development initiative that centers on elevating performance through strategic leadership coaching. We cover a broad spectrum of vital leadership competencies, including strategic thinking, effective communication, team leadership, and authentic leadership. This is a group coaching program that offers you FULL support. Small Cohorts. This program represents a remarkable opportunity for you to strengthen your leadership skills, boost your confidence, and drive enhanced performance within your organization. The Elevate HER Career Journey focuses on these three pillars: 1. Enhanced Leadership Skills: You will acquire advanced leadership skills that can be immediately applied to elevate team performance, resulting in improved outcomes and increased productivity. 2. Boosted Confidence: The program's focus on authentic leadership will empower you with the confidence to take on challenges, make informed decisions, and inspire colleagues, thus fostering a culture of self-assured and effective leadership. 3. Performance Improvement: Statistics show that companies with strong female leaders outperform those without. By investing in your professional development, you can expect enhanced performance, a more dynamic leader, and positive impacts on your professional life and your company's bottom line.

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